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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 From Classes to Copulas: Wages, Capital, and Top IncomesAaberge, Rolf; Atkinson, Anthony B.; Königs, Sebastian
2018 Structural Labour Supply Models and MicrosimulationAaberge, Rolf; Colombino, Ugo
2017 On the Measurement of Long-Run Income Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Norway, 1875-2013Aaberge, Rolf; Atkinson, Tony; Modalsli, Jorgen Heibo
2015 A Centralized Approach to Modelling Collective Household Decisions: Some Preliminary ResultsAaberge, Rolf; Colombino, Ugo; Perali, Federico
2014 A theory for ranking distribution functionsAaberge, Rolf; Havnes, Tarjei; Mogstad, Magne
2014 Political Uncertainty and Household SavingsAaberge, Rolf; Liu, Kai; Zhu, Yu
2013 The Ins and Outs of Top Income MobilityAaberge, Rolf; Atkinson, Anthony B.; Modalsli, Jorgen Heibo
2013 U.S. versus Sweden: The Effect of Alternative In-Work Tax Credit Policies on Labour Supply of Single MothersAaberge, Rolf; Flood, Lennart
2013 A Theory for Ranking Distribution FunctionsAaberge, Rolf; Havnes, Tarjei; Mogstad, Magne
2012 A counting approach for measuring multidimensional deprivationAaberge, Rolf; Peluso, Eugenio
2010 Measuring long-term inequality of opportunityAaberge, Rolf; Mogstad, Magne; Peragine, Vito
2010 On the measurement of long-term income inequality and income mobilityAaberge, Rolf; Mogstad, Magne
2010 Robust inequality comparisonsAaberge, Rolf; Mogstad, Magne
2010 The distributional impact of public services when needs differAaberge, Rolf; Bhuller, Manudeep; Langørgen, Audun; Mogstad, Magne
2009 Accounting for family background when designing optimal income taxes: a microeconometric simulation analysisAaberge, Rolf; Colombino, Ugo
2008 The impact of local public services and geographical cost of living differences on poverty estimatesAaberge, Rolf; Langørgen, Audun; Mogstad, Magne; Østensen, Marit
2008 Ranking intersecting Lorenz curvesAaberge, Rolf
2008 Evaluation of an in-work tax credit reform in Sweden: effects on labor supply and welfare participation of single mothersAaberge, Rolf; Flood, Lennart
2007 On the definition and measurement of chronic povertyAaberge, Rolf; Mogstad, Magne
2006 Evaluating alternative representations of the choice sets in models of labour supplyAaberge, Rolf; Colombino, Ugo; Wennemo, Tom