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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Towards a Catholic North America? Projections of religion in Canada and the US beyond the mid-21st centuryGoujon, Anne; Caron Malenfant, Eric; Skirbekk, Vegard
2006New times, old beliefs: Projecting the future size of religions in AustriaGoujon, Anne; Skirbekk, Vegard; Fliegenschnee, Katrin; Strzelecki, Pawel
2008Secularism or catholicism? The religious composition of the United States to 2043Skirbekk, Vegard; Goujon, Anne; Kaufmann, Eric
2004Neue demographische Szenarien zur Zukunft der Evangelischen Kirche in ÖsterreichFliegenschnee, Katrin; Goujon, Anne; Lutz, Wolfgang
2006Past and future of human capital in Southeast Asia: From 1970 to 2030Goujon, Anne; Samir, K. C.
2019Global Reconstruction of Educational Attainment, 1950 to 2015: Methodology and AssessmentSperinger, Markus; Goujon, Anne; KC, Samir; Potančoková, Michaela; Reiter, Claudia; Jurasszovich, Sandra; Eder, Jakob
2019Assessing the 2017 Census of Pakistan Using Demographic Analysis: A Sub-National PerspectiveWazir, Muhammad Asif; Goujon, Anne
2017Religious Denominations in Vienna & Austria: Baseline Study for 2016 - Scenarios until 2046Goujon, Anne; Jurasszovich, Sandra; Potančoková, Michaela
2018Religious Affiliations in Austria at the Provincial Level: Estimates for Vorarlberg, 2001-2018Goujon, Anne; Reiter, Claudia; Potančoková, Michaela
2020The future of the Protestant Church: Estimates for Austria and for the Provinces of Burgenland, Carinthia and ViennaGoujon, Anne; Reiter, Claudia