Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers

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2018 On real interest rates, tariff policy, exchange rates and the ZLBvan Wijnbergen, Sweder
2018 Living Apart Together: The Economic Value of Ethnic Diversity in CitiesBakens, Jessie; Florax, Raymond J. G. M.; de Groot, Henri L. F.; Mulder, Peter
2018 Missing Observations in Observation-Driven Time Series ModelsBlasques, Francisco; Gorgi, Paolo; Koopman, Siem Jan
2018 Labor Market QuotasBijkerk, Suzanne; Dominguez-Martinez, Silvia; Kamphorst, Jurjen; Swank, Otto H.
2018 Shaking Up the Firm Survival: Evidence from Yogyakarta (Indonesia)Brata, Aloysius Gunadi; de Groot, Henri L. F.; Zant, Wouter
2018 Bayesian Analysis of Realized Matrix-Exponential GARCH ModelsAsai, Manabu; McAleer, Michael
2018 Socially Useless JobsDur, Robert A. J.; van Lent, Max
2018 The kids are alright - labour market effects of unexpected parental hospitalisations in the NetherlandsRellstab, Sara; Bakx, Pieter; Garcia-Gomez, Pilar; van Doorslaer, Eddy
2018 Consumption and wealth in the long run: an integrated unobserved component approachGardberg, Malin; Pozzi, Lorenzo
2018 Strong consistency of the least squares estimator in regression models with adaptive learningChristopeit, Norbert; Massmann, Michael
2018 Promises Undone: How Committed Pledges Impact Donations to CharityFosgaard, Toke Reinholt; Soetevent, Adriaan R.
2018 Asymmetric Risk Impacts of Chinese Tourists to TaiwanChang, Chia-Lin; Hsu, Shu-Han; McAleer, Michael
2018 Why did Warrant Markets Close in China but not Taiwan?Wong, Wing-Keung; Lean, Hooi Hoi; McAleer, Michael; Tsai, Feng-Tse
2018 Health effects of caring for and about parents and spousesBom, Judith; Bakx, Pieter; Schut, Erik; van Doorslaer, Eddy
2018 Simple Market Timing with Moving AveragesIlomäki, Jukka; Laurila, Hannu; McAleer, Michael
2018 On Esteem-Based IncentivesMazyaki, Ali; van der Weele, Joël J.
2018 Big Data, Computational Science, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Psychology: ConnectionsChang, Chia-Lin; McAleer, Michael; Wong, Wing Keung
2018 The Dark Side of Personality: Anti-Sociality Increases Strategic Game PlayEngelmann, Jan; Schmid, Basil; Chumbley, Justin; Fehr, Ernst
2018 Intergenerational Spillovers in Disability InsuranceDahl, Gordon Boyack; Gielen, Anne C.
2018 Denial and Alarmism in Collective Action ProblemsFörster, Manuel; van der Weele, Joël J.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 2698