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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015The agriculture: An indicator for the rural development in Maramures CountyAlecu, Ioan Niculae; Giambaşu, Talida
2015Med-arb and arb-med procedures in conflicts among professionals in agricultureAlecu, Ioan Niculae; Ciocan, Felix-Dimitrie; Ciocan, Horia Nicolae; Mihuţ, Miki
2015The structure of authorized spaces for the storage of agricultural production in Romania 2014Micu, Ana-Ruxandra; Alecu, Ioan Niculae; Tudor, Valentina; Micu, Marius Mihai
2015Analysis of Romanian agricultural cooperatives structure in 2014Micu, Ana-Ruxandra; Alecu, Ioan Niculae; Micu, Marius Mihai
2015Local Action Groups (LAGS) and their impact on the process of rural development in RomaniaAlecu, Ioan Niculae; Fîntîneru, Alexandru; Badea, Adriana; Baciu, George Alexandru
2013Employment and unemployment in the Bucharest-Ilfov RegionStoicescu, Alina; Alecu, Ioan Niculae; Tudo, Valentina; Butu, Marian
2014Amicable settlement of conflicts between agri-food producers and consumersAlecu, Ioan Niculae; Ciocan, Felix-Dimitrie; Mihuţ, Gabriela Gyongy
2014Studies on the current situation of the Archiepiscopate of Bucharest agricultural partimonyUngureanu, Florin; Alecu, Ioan Niculae
2014The right of foreigners to purchase agricultural lands in Romania: Cross-border conflict mediationAlecu, Ioan Niculae; Ciocan, Felix-Dimitrie; Badea, Adriana; Mihuţ, Gabriela Gyongy
2014Organic farming, a viable and feasible component of the Romanian agricultureAngelescu, Anda-Irina; Alecu, Ioan Niculae; Badea, Adriana