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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Budgetary impact analysis of buprenorphinenaloxone combination (Suboxone®) in Spain
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 3, p. 1-9
Martinez-Raga, Jose; Gonzalez-Saiz, Francisco; Oñate, Julian; Oyagüez, Itziar; Sabater, Eliazar; A. Casado, Miguel
2012Biologic TNF inhibiting agents for treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases: Dosing patterns and related costs in Switzerland from a payers perspective
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 20, p. 1-8
Zeidler, Jan; Mittendorf, Thomas; Müller, Rüdiger; von Kempis, Johannes
2012Organizational boundaries of medical practice: The case of physician ownership of ancillary services
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 7, p. 1-8
Schneider, John E.; Ohsfeldt, Robert L.; Scheibling, Cara M.; Jeffers, Sarah A.
2012Assessing DRG cost accounting with respect to resource allocation and tariff calculation: The case of Germany
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 15, p. 1-12
Vogl, Matthias
2012Economic burden of osteoporotic fractures in Austria
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 12, p. 1-10
Dimai, Hans Peter; Redlich, Kurt; Peretz, Monika; Borgström, Fredrik; Siebert, Uwe; Mahlich, Jörg
2012Which patients do I treat? An experimental study with economists and physicians
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 1, p. 1-11
Ahlert, Marlies; Felder, Stefan; Vogt, Bodo
2012Cost-effectiveness of vaccination with a quadrivalent HPV vaccine in Germany using a dynamic transmission model
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 19, p. 1-10
Schobert, Deniz; Remy, Vanessa; Schoeffski, Oliver
2012A cost-benefit analysis on the specialization in departments of obstetrics and gynecology in Japan
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 2, p. 1-10
Shen, Junyi; Fukui, On; Hashimoto, Hiroyuki; Nakashima, Takako; Kimura, Tadashi
2012Wealth and antenatal care use: Implications for maternal health care utilisation in Ghana
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 14, p. 1-8
Arthur, Eric
2012The national health insurance scheme: Perceptions and experiences of health care providers and clients in two districts of Ghana
In: volume: 2, 2012, issue: 13, p. 1-13
Dalinjong, Ayizem Philip; Laar, Alexander Suuk