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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Who gets a mammogram amongst European women aged 50-69 years?Wuebker, Ansgar
2012Reporting heterogeneity in self-assessed health among elderly EuropeansPfarr, Christian; Schmid, Andreas; Schneider, Udo
2012Cost-effectiveness analysis of antipsychotics in reducing schizophrenia relapsesGarcía-Ruiz, Antonio J.; Pérez-Costillas, Lucía; Montesinos, Ana C.; Alcalde, Javier; Oyagüez, Itziar; Casado, Miguel A.
2012Methodological considerations in cost of illness studies on Alzheimer diseaseCosta, Nagede; Derumeaux, Helene; Rapp, Thomas; Garnault, Valérie; Ferlicoq, Laura
2012The costs of schizophrenia and predictors of hospitalisation from the statutory health insurance perspectiveZeidler, Jan; Slawik, Lara; Fleischmann, Jochen; Greiner, Wolfgang
2012Cost analysis of HIV treatment and drug-related adverse events when fixed-dose combinations of antiretrovirals (FDCs) were stopped, versus continuation with FDCsHomar, Franc; Lozano, Virginia; Marínez-Gómez, Juan; Oyagüez, Itziar; Pareja, Antonio
2012Organizational boundaries of medical practice: The case of physician ownership of ancillary servicesSchneider, John E.; Ohsfeldt, Robert L.; Scheibling, Cara M.; Jeffers, Sarah A.
2012The effects of public and private health care expenditure on health status in sub-Saharan Africa: New evidence from panel data analysisNovignon, Jacob; Olakojo, Solomon A.; Nonvignon, Justice
2012Estimating cost-effectiveness in public health: A summary of modelling and valuation methodsMarsh, Kevin; Phillips, Ceri J.; Fordham, Richard; Bertranou, Evelina; Hale, Janine
2012Community-based health insurance and social capital: A reviewDonfouet, Hermann Pierre Pythagore; Mahieu, Pierre-Alexandre