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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016A social accounting matrix for IraqDebowicz, Dario
2016NAFTA trade (and some extra NAFTA trade) in value added and its distribution, 1995-2011Cervantes-Martínez, Rosario; Villaseñor-Becerra, Jorge; Romero-Morett, Martín
2016Regional analysis of domestic integration in Egypt: An interregional CGE approachHaddad, Eduardo Amaral; Lahr, Michael L.; Elshahawany, Dina N.; Vassallo, Moisés
2016Consumption-based accounting of steel alloying elements and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the metal use: The case of JapanOhno, Hajime; Matsubae, Kazuyo; Nakajima, Kenichi; Nansai, Keisuke; Fukushima, Yasuhiro; Nagasaka, Tetsuya
2016Understanding of economic spillover mechanism by structural path analysis: A case study of interregional social accounting matrix focused on institutional sectors in JapanItoh, Hidekazu
2016Scale effect in Turkish manufacturing industry: Stochastic metafrontier analysisHajihassaniasl, Saeid; Kök, Recep
2016A new approach of carbon emission allocation among stakeholders: An expansion of multiregional and multisectoral dynamic energy-economic model THERESIAMori, Shunsuke
2016Interactive aspects of producers and waste-disposal firms out of a market boundaryHosoda, Eiji
2016The impact of adoption of power factor correction technology on electricity peak demand in UgandaOkoboi, Geofrey; Mawejje, Joseph
2016Matching global cobalt demand under different scenarios for co-production and mining attractivenessTisserant, Alexandre; Pauliuk, Stefan