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2016Immigration and the rate of population mixing: Explorations with a stylized modelDenton, Frank T.; Spencer, Byron G.
2015A simulation analysis of the longer-term effects of immigration on per capita income in an aging populationDenton, Frank T.; Spencer, Byron G.
2011Aggregation and other biases in the calculation of consumer elasticities for models of arbitrary rankDenton, Frank T.; Mountain, Dean C.
2017One size may not fit all: Welfare benefits and cost reductions with differentiated household electricity rates in a general equilibrium modelDaruwala, Farhad; Denton, Frank T.; Mountain, Dean C.
2017What rates of productivity growth would be required to offset the effects of population aging? A study of twenty industrialised countriesDenton, Frank T.; Spencer, Byron G.
2011Modelling the age dynamics of chronic health conditions: Life-table-consistent transition probabilities and their applicationDenton, Frank T.; Spencer, Byron G.
2010Age of pension eligibility, gains in life expectancy, and social policyDenton, Frank T.; Spencer, Byron G.
2008What is retirement? A review and assessment of alternative concepts and measuresDenton, Frank T.; Spencer, Byron G.
2011Taxing a commodity with and without revenue neutrality: An exploration using a calibrated theoretical consumer equilibrium modelDenton, Frank T.; Mountain, Dean C.
2009Patterns of retirement as reflected in income tax records for older workersDenton, Frank T.; Finnie, Ross; Spencer, Byron G.