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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018Demographic change and the European income distributionDolls, Mathias; Doorley, Karina; Paulus, Alari; Schneider, Hilmar; Sommer, Eric
2018Europe through the crisis: Discretionary policy changes and automatic stabilisersPaulus, Alari; Tasseva, Iva Valentinova
2017Decomposition of changes in the EU income distribution in 2007-2011Paulus, Alari; Tasseva, Iva Valentinova
2016The effect of changes in tax-benefit policies on the income distribution in 2008-2015De Agostini, Paola; Paulus, Alari; Tasseva, Iva
2015Income underreporting based on income expenditure gaps: Survey vs tax recordsPaulus, Alari
2015Tax evasion and measurement error: An econometric analysis of survey data linked with tax recordsPaulus, Alari
2015The design of fiscal consolidation measures in the European Union: Distributional effects and implications for macroeconomic recoveryFigari, Francesco; Paulus, Alari; Sutherland, Holly
2013Baseline results from the new EU27 EUROMOD (2007-2010)Jara, Holguer Xavier; Sutherland, Holly; Avram, Silivia; De Agostini, Paola; Figari, Francesco; Levy, Horacio; Navicke, Jekaterina; Paulus, Alari; Rastrigina, Olga; Tasseva, Iva; Tumino, Alberto
2014The effect of tax-benefit changes on the income distribution in EU countries since the beginning of the economic crisisDe Agostini, Paola; Paulus, Alari; Sutherland, Holly; Tasseva, Iva
2015The effect of tax-benefit changes on the income distribution in 2008-2014De Agostini, Paola; Paulus, Alari; Tasseva, Iva