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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Mobile only users powered by fixed-mobile substitutionLiangy, Julienne; Petulowa, Marc
2012Polynomics telecommunication regulation index 2012Zenhaeuserna, Patrick; Schneiderb, Yves
2012Issues affecting the evalution of the beneficial effect of new technologies and ways to solve these issuesButenko, V.; Nazarenko, A.; Sarian, V.; Suschenko, N.
2012How can mobile music streaming service take of in India, China und Indonesia? Analysis of drivers and obstaclesSelvakumar, Ekambar; Huang, Jin; Aidi, Laili; Markendahl, Jan I.; Tollmar, Konrad; Blennerud, Greger
2012Network neutrality and consumer discrimination: Comparing ISP's GTCs and DPI applicationGrove, Nico; Agic, Damir; Sedlmeir, Joachim
2012Different regulation paths towards cognitive radio technologies: Cases of Finland and ChileBasaure, Arturo; Casey, Thomas R.; Hämmäinen, Heikki
2012Where should governments invest? The impact of economic, political, social and technological factors on the formation of new firmsGarcia-Murillo, Martha; Velez-Ospina, Jorge Andres; Vargas-Leon, Patricia
2012Understanding the dynamics of broadband markets: A comparative case study of Flanders and the NetherlandsVan der Wee, Marlies; Verbrugge, Sofie; Lemstra, Wolter
2012Creative and adaptive responses in technological changeCecere, Grazia
2012Assessing a relative technological competitiveness using patent and paper information at the country level: Model and application in mobile communicationsCho, Ilgu