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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Characteristics of enterprises cooperating with the Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) and the contribution of the CSEM activities to the behaviour and the performance of cooperating enterprises: Study commissioned by the CSEMArvanitis, Spyros; Wörter, Martin
2008Are firm innovativeness and firm age relevant for the supply of vocational tranining? A study based on Swiss micro dataArvanitis, Spyros
2013Development and determinants of productivity in Switzerland 1990-2010: A country- , industry- and firm-level analysis. Study mandated by the country studies branch of the OECD Economics DepartmentArvanitis, Spyros; Ley, Marius; Seliger, Florian; Stucki, Tobias
2010Innovation, competition and incentives for R&DWörter, Martin; Rammer, Christian; Arvanitis, Spyros
2014Auswirkungen neuer Arbeitsformen auf den Energieverbrauch und das Mobilitätsverhalten von Arbeitnehmenden. Studie im Auftrag des Bundesamts für Energie (BFE)Perch-Nielsen, Sabine; von Felten, Nana; Henzen, Clea; Meissner, Jens; Sprenger, Martin; Bieri, Marcel; Arvanitis, Spyros; Seliger, Florian; Ley, Marius
2008Training propensity of start-ups in Switzerland: A study based on data for the start-up cohort 1996 - 97Arvanitis, Spyros; Stucki, Tobias
2005Is there any impact of university-industry knowledge transfer on the performance of private enterprises? An empirical analysis based on Swiss firm dataArvanitis, Spyros; Sydow, Nora; Wörter, Martin
2010What determines the innovation capability of firm founders?Arvanitis, Spyros; Stucki, Tobias
2016Development and utilization of energy-related technologies, economic performance and the role of policy instrumentsArvanitis, Spyros; Peneder, Michael; Rammer, Christian; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin
2014Die Entwicklung der Innovationsaktivitäten in der Schweizer Wirtschaft 1997-2012: Studie im Auftrag des Staatssekretariats für Wirtschaft (SECO)Arvanitis, Spyros; Seliger, Florian; Spescha, Andrin; Stucki, Tobias; Veseli, Kushtrim; Wörter, Martin