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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Task independence in stated preference studies: A test of order effect explanationsDay, Brett; Bateman, Ian J.; Carson, Richard T.; Dupont, Diane; Louviere, Jordan J.; Morimoto, Sanae; Scarpa, Riccardo; Wang, Paul
2009Robust interpolation of agricultural census data to hydrological units and implications for diffuse pollution modellingPosen, Paulette E.; Hutchins, Michael G.; Lovett, Andrew A.; Davies, Helen N.
2004Scope sensitivity tests for preference robustness: An empirical examination of economic expectations regarding the economic valuation of politices for reducing acidity in remote mountain lakesBateman, Ian J.; Cooper, Philip; Georgiou, Stavros; Navrud, Stale; Poe, Grey L.; Ready, Richard; Riera, Pere; Ryan, Mandy; Vossler, Christian A.
2006Limits to CBA in UK and European environmental policy: Retrospects & future prospectsTurner, R. Kerry
2004Bartering for a better future? Community currencies and sustainable consumptionSeyfang, Gill
2005The social value of carbon sequestered in Great Britain's woodlandsBrainard, Julii; Bateman, Ian J.; Lovett, Andrew A.
2005Consistency and construction in stated WTP for health risk reductions: A novel scope-sensitivity testBateman, Ian J.; Brouwer, Roy
2006Riding the green wave in the European agricultural sector? A discourse analysis of the new cross compliance mechanismJuntti, Meri
2004Testing economic models of the household: An experimentBateman, Ian; Munro, Alistair
2003What price peace? A comprehensive approach to the specification and estimation of hedonic housing price modelsDay, Brett; Bateman, Ian; Lake, Iain