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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008Measuring Party Institutionalization in Developing Countries: A New Research Instrument Applied to 28 African Political PartiesBasedau, Matthias; Stroh, Alexander
2006A Paradox of Plenty? Rent Distribution and Political Stability in Oil StatesBasedau, Matthias; Lacher, Wolfram
2017The Ambivalent Role of Religion for Sustainable Development: A Review of the Empirical EvidenceBasedau, Matthias; Gobien, Simone; Prediger, Sebastian
2011Revisiting the Resource–Conflict Link: A Systematic Comparative Test of Causal Mechanisms in Four Major Oil-Exporting CountriesBasedau, Matthias; Mähler, Annegret; Shabafrouz, Miriam
2008The "Ambivalence of the Sacred" in Africa: The Impact of Religion on Peace and Conflict in Sub-Saharan AfricaBasedau, Matthias; de Juan, Alexander
2007Problems of Categorizing and Explaining Party Systems in AfricaErdmann, Gero; Basedau, Matthias
2008Promoting Peace and Democracy through Party Regulation? Ethnic Party Bans in AfricaBecher, Anika; Basedau, Matthias
2021One year after: Has the COVID-19 pandemic increased violence in sub-Saharan Africa?Basedau, Matthias; Deitch, Mora
2015Electoral Rentierism? The Cross-National and Subnational Effect of Oil on Electoral Competitiveness in Multiparty AutocraciesWahman, Michael; Basedau, Matthias
2011Cutting Bread or Cutting Throats? – Findings from a New Database on Religion, Violence and Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1990 to 2008Basedau, Matthias; Strüver, Georg; Vüllers, Johannes