Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility (AJSSR), SpringerOpen

ISSN: 2365-6417

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2019 Sustainable product purchase: does information about product sustainability on social media affect purchase behavior?Saeed, Muhammad Amad; Farooq, Ammara; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ben Abdelaziz, Semah Ibrahim
2019 Examination of sustainability reporting practices in Indian banking sectorKumar, Kishore; Prakash, Ajai
2019 Studying the effect of institutional pressures on the intentions to continue green information technology usageAlziady, Abdul Aladheem Driafish Jabbar; Enayah, Sabah H.
2019 The new silk road and its potential for sustainable development: how open digital participation could make BRI a role model for sustainable businesses and marketsSeele, Peter; Jia, Christoph D.; Helbing, Dirk
2019 An emerging economy perspective on corporate sustainability reporting – main actors' views on the current state of affairs in PakistanMahmood, Zeeshan; Kouser, Rehana; Masud, Md. Abdul Kaium
2019 Building a society conducive to the use of corporate social responsibility as a tool to develop disaster resilience with sustainable development as the goal: an interpretive structural modelling approach in the Indian contextKanji, Repaul; Agrawal, Rajat
2019 Conceptual mapping of shared value creation by the private commercial banks in BangladeshIslam, Md. Rabiul; Hossain, Syed Zabid
2019 Fair trade information eliminates the positive brand effect: product choice behavior in JapanOta, Masaya; Sakata, Yusuke; Iijima, Takao
2019 A study on the relationship between perceived CSR motives, authenticity and company attitudes: a comparative analysis of cause promotion and cause-related marketingJeon, Min Ah; An, Daechun
2018 Corporate social responsibility in Mauritius: an analysis of annual reports of multinational hotel groupsBissoon, Ourvashi
2018 Friend or foe? The various responses of the Indonesian state to sustainable non-state palm oil initiativesPramudya, Eusebius Pantja; Hospes, Otto; Termeer, C. J. A. M.
2018 The effects of corporate governance on environmental sustainability reporting: empirical evidence from South Asian countriesMasud, Md. Abdul Kaium; Nurunnabi, Mohammad; Bae, Seong Mi
2018 Implications of corporate governance on financial performance: an analytical review of governance and social reporting reforms in IndiaGoel, Puneeta
2017 Corporate sustainability and responsibility: creating value for business, society and the environmentCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2017 The influences of leaders' dark triad trait on their perception of CSRMyung, Jae Kyu; Choi, Yun Hyeok
2017 The Green Climate Fund – a beacon for climate change actionManzanares, F. Javier
2017 Regulatory compliance as fulfilment of corporate social responsibility: an interpretative textual analysis on sustainability reports of two Chinese listed agribusinessesWang, Xiaorui
2017 Assessing the impact of eco-innovations through sustainability indicators: the case of the commercial tea plantation industry in Sri LankaGunarathne, A. D. Nuwan; Peiris, H. M. P.
2016 Industry 4.0 and environmental accounting: a new revolution?Burritt, Roger; Christ, Katherine
2016 The impacts of corporate social responsibility, service quality, and transparency on relationship quality and customer loyalty in the hotel industryKim, Sung-Bum; Kim, Dae-Young
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 23