Copenhagen Discussion Papers, Asia Research Centre (ARC), Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

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2015 Exploring Key External and Internal Factors Affecting State Performance in Southeast AsiaJakobsen, Michael
2014 International Business Studies and the Imperative of Context: Exploring the 'Black Whole' in Institutional TheoryJakobsen, Michael
2014 The hidden secrets of the Yin-Yang symbolLi, Xin
2013 Entrepreneurial Aspiration and Flexibility of Small and Medium-Sized Firms: How Headquarters Facilitate Business Model Innovation at the Subsidiary LevelCao, Yangfeng; Ping Li, Peter; Skat-Rørdam, Peter
2013 Political Economy of Agrarian Crisis and Slow Industrialization in IndiaBhattacharyya, Sudipta; Abraham, Mathew; D'Costa, Anthony
2013 Efficiency of Public Educational Expenditure in ChinaYu, Zhiqian; Zhu, Ning; Zheng, Yuan
2013 Initiative-taking, Improvisational Capability, and Business Model Innovation in Emerging MarketsCao, Yangfeng
2013 What are the Sources of Leader Charisma? An Inductive Study from ChinaCao, Yangfeng; Zhang, Kai; Luo, Wenhao
2012 Murder, Sex, Corruption: Will China Continue to Hold Together?Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik
2011 Innovation by Defining Failures under Environmental and Competitive Pressures: A Case Study of the Laundry Detergent Market in JapanFujiwara, Masatoshi
2011 Western Transitology and Chinese Reality: Some Preliminary ThoughtsBrødsgaard, Kjeld Erik
2010 Chinese-Danish Relations: The Collapse of a Special RelationshipBrødsgaard, Kjeld Erik
2010 The Success Stories of Malaysian SMEs in Promoting and Penetrating Global Markets through Business Competitiveness StrategiesSin, Khoo Cheok
2010 The Soft Power of American Missionary Universities in China and of their Legacies: Yenching University, St. John's University and Yale in ChinaGjedssø Bertelsen, Rasmus; Thybo Møller, Steffen
2010 Social Welfare in China: The role of equity in the transition from egalitarianism to capitalismRutten, Koen
2010 Interdependency versus Notions of Decoupling in a Globalising World: Assessing the Impact of Global Economics on Industrial Developments and Inter-Ethnic Relations in Penang, MalaysiaJacobsen, Michael
2010 Reforming China's DiplomacyShambaugh, David
2009 Frozen Identities: Inter-Ethnic Relations and Economic Development in Penang, MalaysiaJacobsen, Michael
2009 Redefining Beijing Consensus: Ten general principlesLi, Xin; Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik; Jacobsen, Michael
2009 Building China's soft power for a peaceful riseLi, Xin; Worm, Verner
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 66