New Zealand Treasury Working Papers, The Treasury, New Zealand Government

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2015 The New Zealand Treasury's Living Standards Framework - Exploring a Stylised ModelKaracaoglu, Girol
2015 The Impact of Tertiary Study on the Labour Market Outcomes of Low-qualified School LeaversTumen, Sarah; Crichton, Sarah; Dixon, Sylvia
2015 Exchange rate fluctuations and the margins of exportsFabling, Richard; Sanderson, Lynda
2015 Debt Projections and Fiscal Sustainability with Feedback EffectsCreedy, John; Scobie, Grant
2015 Long-run Fiscal Projections under Uncertainty: The Case of New ZealandBall, Christopher; Creedy, John; Scobie, Grant
2015 Estimating the Cyclically- and Absorption-adjusted Fiscal Balance for New ZealandWorkman, Miles
2015 Labour Supply in New Zealand and the 2010 Tax and Transfer ChangesCreedy, John; Mok, Penny
2015 Decomposing New Zealand's Terms of TradeMellor, Phillip
2015 The Impact of Sentencing on Offenders' Future Labour Market Outcomes and Re-offending- Community Work Versus FinesMorris, Michele; Sullivan, Charles
2015 Inequality in New Zealand 1983/84 to 2013/14Ball, Christopher; Creedy, John
2015 The Impact of Tax Changes on the Short-run Investment Behaviour of New Zealand FirmsFabling, Richard; Kneller, Richard; Sanderson, Lynda
2015 The Employment and Income Effects of Eight Chronic and Acute Health ConditionsDixon, Sylvia
2015 A Practical Approach to Well-being Based Policy Development: What Do New Zealanders Want from Their Retirement Income Policies?Au, Joey; Coleman, Andrew; Sullivan, Trudy
2014 Pensions, Savings and Housing: A Life-cycle Framework with Policy SimulationsCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman; Scobie, Grant
2014 Housing Affordability: Lessons from the United StatesSkidmore, Mark
2014 Recent Unemployment Experience in New ZealandBorland, Jeff
2014 Options to Narrow New Zealand's Saving – Investment ImbalanceBrook, Anne-Marie
2014 Income Mobility in New Zealand: A Descriptive AnalysisCarter, Kristie; Mok, Penny; Le, Trinh
2014 KiwiSaver and the Accumulation of Net WealthLaw, David; Scobie, Grant M
2014 Determinants of the New Zealand Yield Curve: Domestic vs. Foreign InfluencesCassino, Enzo; Cribbens, Neil; Vehbi, Tugrul
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 320