2nd Europe – Middle East – North African Regional ITS Conference, Aswan 2019

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2019 Motivation for TV white space: An explorative study on Africa for achieving the rural broadband gapOliver, Miquel; Majumder, Sudip
2019 Effects of customer’s ICT investment and quality control activities on ICT investment decision and data sharing and usage along production networks in Southeast AsiaUeki, Yasushi; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2019 Optimal Radio Access Network Selection in Multi-RAT HetNets Using Matching Game ApproachAnany, M. G.; El Din, Eman Serag; Elmesalawy, Mahmoud M.
2019 Optimal Placement of Heterogeneous Wireless Nodes in LTE/WiFi Integrated NetworksElmosilhy, Noha A.; Abd El-Haleem, Ahmed M.; Elmesalawy, Mahmoud M.
2019 Using ICT in inclusive learning programs for Persons with Disabilities and its impact on their livesAl-Husseiny, Nader
2019 Research and Educational Federation Testbed: A New Architecture Design for the Collaborative Research CloudMahdi, Mahmoud A.; Mossad, Omar S.; ElNainay, Mustafa
2019 Combining Fog Computing and LoRaWAN Technologies for Smart Cities ApplicationsSobhi, Salma; Ali, Maged A.; Abdelkader, Mohamed F.
2019 Dripless: A smart household water monitoring systemAbdelfattah, Islam; Abdelkader, Mohamed F.; Ghuniem, Atef
2019 Case study: Universal service policies and its impact on universal service projects quantity and quality in EgyptEl hussieny, Nader; Gharib, Heba Ibrahim; Khamis, Mohab Ibrahim
2019 Challenges and Opportunities in the Future Applications of IoT TechnologyAttia, Tarek M.
2019 Technological Change and its Impact on the Labor Market in EgyptBadran, Mona Farid
2019 Access to Electricity and ICT Usage: A Country-level Assessment on Sub-Saharan AfricaHoungbonon, Georges V.; Le Quentrec, Erwan
2019 Connecting the World: The Physical Platform of International TelecommunicationKhaled, Ola
2019 Modulations Recognition using Deep Neural Network in Wireless CommunicationsMossad, Omar S.; ElNainay, Mustafa; Torki, Marwan
2019 5G Independent Smart PoleSoliman, Heba Y. M.
2019 Implementing Tool 4G SON Handover AlgorithmElmayet, Reham; Serag El-din, Eman
2019 Proactive Approach to the Deployment of 5G Technology: Insights from the UAEAlRaeesi AlBalooshi, Sultan Ahmed; Habibur Rahman, Mohammad
2019 High-Level Synthesis Hardware Accelerators of Integer-pixel Motion Estimation of HEVC on SoC-FPGA PlatformMohamed, Belal; Shalaby, Ahmed; Sayed, Mohammed S.
2019 Lessons from India on the Role of Institutions in Spectrum TradingJain, Rekha
2019 Spectrum Sharing Proposal for Maximizing Cellular Networks’ Spectral EfficiencyMetwally, Mohamed; Abu-Gabal, Mohamed
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 31
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