CES Working Papers (CESWP), Centre for European Studies, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

ISSN: 2067-7693

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2019 Misunderstanding, conflict and divisions between the Visegrad Group and the European Union: an analytical discourse beyond the public cliche of the migration crisisSchmölz, Birgit
2019 Credit expansion and social welfare in the European UnionPercic, Stanislav
2019 Waste management and sustainable economic development in the modern economiesTodorovic, Brankica
2019 Environmental approaches in productivity analysis. Improving proposalsJivan, Alexandru; Nachescu, Miruna-Lucia
2019 Elements that impose limits on international ethicsPopa, Paul
2019 A general perspective regarding the relation between institutional efficiency and (economic) development in Eastern EuropeȚigănașu, Ramona; Mazilu, Sorin
2019 The sustainability of Romania's accession to the Euro Area - A political project anchored in economic realityAursulesei, Tudor Mugurel
2019 The country of origin: A brake or an accelerator when buying a carRoman, Teodora; Manolică, Adriana; Manole, Ionela
2019 Posted workers on the route to a European labour market: Case study: OSH-related vulnerabilities of posted workers in SpainDodi, Ioana; Melenciuc, Ioana
2019 Exploring the benefits of urban green roofs: a GIS approach applied to a Greek cityGiannopoulou, Maria; Roukouni, Anastasia; Lykostratis, Konstantinos
2019 The role of social media in enhancing the modern market relationsIgnatov, Augustin
2019 Challenges and opportunities for European Union in the XXIst centuryBosoancæa, Ionelia Bianca
2018 The anatomy of Russia’s grip on Armenia: Bound to persist?Terzyan, Aram
2018 Nemo potest venire contra factum proprium. The coherence principle in European contract lawCodrea, Codrin
2018 Bulgaria’s energy security in the context of energy dependence on the import of oil productsEftimova, Diana
2018 National Identities and Socio-Economic Development in European UnionTeclean, Cezar
2018 The new economic governance framework of the European UnionMihuț, Ioana - Sorina
2018 Organizational learning: Cognitive and behavioural changes and implications in higher education institutionsGuță, Alexandra Luciana
2018 New aspects of sustainable development as a factor of competitiveness in the EUTodorovic, Brankica
2018 Effects of US Monetary Policy on Eastern European Financial MarketsChirila, Viorica; Chirila, Ciprian
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 516