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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Social policy research in the UK, with special reference to crossnational comparative research: ZeS country reportTaylor-Gooby, Peter
2012Country-specific life satisfaction effects of unemployment: Does labour market policy matter?Wulfgramm, Melike
2012Measuring the 'new balance of rights and responsibilities' in labor market policy: A quantitative overview of activation strategies in 20 OECD countriesKnotz, Carlo Michael
2010Vom Teufel bezahlt: Die verhängnisvolle verdeckte Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Tabakindustrie und deutschen Wissenschaftlern unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Arbeitsmediziner; Befunde aus den vormals internen TabakindustriedokumentenHelmert, Uwe
2010Citizenship in Britain and Europe: some missing links in T.H. Marshall's theory of rightsHarris, Jose
2014Reforming governance in the Israeli welfare state: The role of organizational settlements beyond the state in instituting changeMaron, Asa
2012Policy diffusion and social rights in advanced democracies 1960-2000Schmitt, Carina; Obinger, Herbert
2012Between privilege and burden: Work past retirement age in Germany and the UKScherger, Simone; Hagemann, Steffen; Hokema, Anna; Lux, Thomas
2011Top down or bottom up? A cross-national study of vertical occupational sex segregation in twelve European CountriesSchäfer, Andrea; Tucci, Ingrid; Gottschall, Karin
2014Mass warfare and the welfare: State causal mechanisms and effectsObinger, Herbert; Petersen, Klaus