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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022Intergenerational coresidence living arrangements of young adults with their parents in Taiwan: The role of filial Piety
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 4, p. 437-449
Chen, Yen-Jong; Matsuoka, Rodney H.; Wang, Hsi-Chuan
2022Off We Go!: An interregional input-output analysis of e-hailing in Brazil
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 2, p. 188-197
Haddad, Eduardo Amaral; Perobelli, Fernando Salgueiro; de Araújo, Inácio Fernandes; Jacob, Miguel Stevanato; Ferreira, Rodrigo Santos
2022Sense and the city: An emotion data framework for smart city governance
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 2, p. 142-152
Willis, Katharine S. *ca. 20. Jh.*; Nold, Christian
2022A rule-based interpretation of the I Ching: Editorial
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 4, p. 407-411
Lai, Shih-Kung
2022Reproduction of urban informality in Iran: Its key factors, tools and challenges
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 3, p. 381-391
Habibi, Kyoumars; Arefi, Mahyar; Doostvandi, Milad; Ashouri, Kasra
2022Rental housing policies and associated legal covers: Case of middle income formal housing in Karachi
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 4, p. 488-499
Ahmed, Suneela; Salam, Madiha
2022Smart city: A critical assessment of the concept and its implementation in Romanian urban strategies
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 2, p. 246-255
Ibæanescu, Bogdan-Constantin; Pascariu, Gabriela Carmen; Bæanicæa, Alexandru; Bejenaru, Ioana
2022The perception of public spaces in Mexico city, a governance approach
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 1, p. 72-81
Alvarado Vazquez, Sergio; Casiano Flores, Cesar
2022The Brazilian National System for Water and Sanitation Data (SNIS): Providing information on a municipal level on water and sanitation services
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 4, p. 530-542
Borges, Marilia C. P.; Abreu, Sérgio B.; Lima, Carlos H. R.; Cardoso, Thaianna; Yonamine, Silvia M.; Araujo, Wagner D. V.; Silva, Paulo R. S.; Machado, Volnei B.; Moraes, Valmir; Silva, Tamara J. B.; Reis, Vinícius A.; Santos, João V. R.; Reis, Maurício L.; Canamary, Érica A.; Vieira, Gabriel C.; Meireles, Sara
2022Evaluating mitigation strategies for urban heat island in Mandaue City using ENVI-met
In: volume: 11, 2022, issue: 1, p. 97-106
Cortes, Aiza; Rejuso, Arnold Jesfel; Santos, Justine Ace; Blanco, Ariel