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2023Urban sustainability assessment for vernacular and traditional built environmentsMatar, Fahad; Palaiologou, Falli; Richards, Simon
2023Editorial. Emergence: Developing a model of complex urban systemsLai, Shih-Kung
2023Leadership for responsible digital innovation in the built environment: A socio-technical review for re-establishing competenciesBastidas, Viviana; Oti-Sarpong, Kwadwo; Nochta, Timea; Wan, Li; Tang, Junqing; Schooling, Jennifer
2023A framework for digital transformation towards smart governance: Using big data tools to target SDGs in Ceará, BrazilFurtado, Lara Sucupira; da Silva, Ticiana Linhares Coelho; Ferreira, Marianna Gonçalves Fontenele; de Macedo, José Antônio Fernandes; Moreira, Jessika Kantnila de Melo Lima Cavalcanti
2023Digital technologies in urban planning and urban management: EditorialSabri, Soheil; Witte, Patrick
2023Digitalizing planning culture: A change towards information model-based planning in FinlandNummi, Pilvi; Staffans, Aija; Helenius, Otso
2023Recognition of digital twin city from the perspective of complex system theory: Lessons from Chinese practiceLiu, Chuncheng; Tian, Ying
2023A semantic web approach to land use regulations in urban planning: The OntoZoning ontology of zones, land uses and programmes for SingaporeSilvennoinen, Heidi; Chadzynski, Arkadiusz; Farazi, Feroz; Grišiūtė, Ayda; Shi, Zhongming; von Richthofen, Aurel; Cairns, Stephen; Kraft, Markus; Raubal, Martin M.; Herthogs, Pieter
2023The pluralism of digital twins for urban management: Bridging theory and practiceAl-Sehrawy, Ramy; Kumar, Bimal; Watson, Richard
2023The integration of digital twin and serious game framework for new normal virtual urban exploration and social interactionWang, Sheng-ming; Vu, Lan Hong
2023Digitalisation in everyday urban planning activities: Consequences for embodied practices, spatial knowledge, planning processes, and workplacesChristmann, Gabriela; Schinagl, Martin
2023Construction of cultural heritage evaluation system and personalized cultural tourism path decision model: An international historical and cultural cityZhang, Shuangyu; Lin, Jiayi; Feng, Zhaoxin; Wu, Yang; Zhao, Qianyi; Liu, Shen; Ren, Yanshen; Li, Houhua
2023Smart city re-imagined: City planning and GeoAI in the age of big dataMortaheb, Reza; Jankowski, Piotr
2023Revisiting institutional credibility of informal rental housing in Shenzhen: For dwelling function or exclusion function?Zhou, Ziqi; Yau, Yung
2023The contextualization of smart city technologies: An international comparisonJiang, Huaxiong; Geertman, Stan; Witte, Patrick
2022Intergenerational coresidence living arrangements of young adults with their parents in Taiwan: The role of filial PietyChen, Yen-Jong; Matsuoka, Rodney H.; Wang, Hsi-Chuan
2022Off We Go!: An interregional input-output analysis of e-hailing in BrazilHaddad, Eduardo Amaral; Perobelli, Fernando Salgueiro; de Araújo, Inácio Fernandes; Jacob, Miguel Stevanato; Ferreira, Rodrigo Santos
2022Sense and the city: An emotion data framework for smart city governanceWillis, Katharine S. *ca. 20. Jh.*; Nold, Christian
2022A rule-based interpretation of the I Ching: EditorialLai, Shih-Kung
2022Reproduction of urban informality in Iran: Its key factors, tools and challengesHabibi, Kyoumars; Arefi, Mahyar; Doostvandi, Milad; Ashouri, Kasra
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 235