ESRB Working Paper Series, European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB)

ISSN: 2467-0677

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2021 Financial crises, macroprudential policy and the reliability of credit-to-GDP gapsAlessandri, Piergiorgio; Bologna, Pierluigi; Galardo, Maddalena
2021 Cross-border credit derivatives linkagesBianch, Benedetta
2021 Synthetic leverage and fund risk-takingFricke, Daniel
2021 Determinants of the credit cycle: A flow analysis of the extensive marginCuciniello, Vincenzo; Di Iasio, Nicola
2021 Procyclical asset management and bond risk premiaBarbu, Alexandru; Fricke, Christoph; Mönch, Emanuel
2021 The importance of technology in banking during a crisisPierri, Niccola; Timmer, Yannick
2021 A quantitative analysis of the countercyclical capital bufferFaria-e-Castro, Miguel
2021 Measuring the impact of a bank failure on the real economy: An EU-wide analytical frameworkVacca, Valerio Paolo; Bichlmeier, Fabian; Biraschi, Paolo; Boschi, Natalie; Álvarez, Antonio J. Bravo; Di Primio, Luciano; Ebner, André; Hoeretzeder, Silvia; Ballesteros, Elisa Llorente; Miani, Claudia; Ricci, Giacomo; Santioni, Raffaele; Schellerer, Stefan; Westman, Hanna
2021 Investment funds, monetary policy, and the global financial cycleKaufmann, Christoph
2021 The impact of macroprudential policies on capital flows in CESEEEller, Markus; Hauzenberger, Niko; Huber, Florian; Schuberth, Helene; Vashold, Lukas
2021 Risky mortgages, credit shocks and cross-border spilloversBuesa, Alejandro; de Quinto, Alicia; Población García, Javier
2021 A multi-level network approach to spillovers analysis: An application to the Maltese domestic investment funds sectorMeglioli, Francesco; Gauci, Stephanie
2021 Resolving mortgage distress after COVID-19: Some lessons from the last crisisMcCann, Fergal; O'Malley, Terry
2020 Financial stability policies and bank lending: Quasi-experimental evidence from Federal Reserve interventions in 1920-21Rieder, Kilian
2020 The network of firms implied by the newsSchwenkler, Gustavo; Zheng, Hannan
2020 Gap-filling government debt maturity choiceEidam, Frederik
2020 Regulating financial networks under uncertaintyRamírez, Carlos
2020 Debt holder monitoring and implicit guarantees: Did the BRRD improve market discipline?Cutura, Jannic Alexander
2020 Retrenchment of euro area banks and international banking modelsArgimón, Isabel; Fernández Ortiz, Elena; Rodríguez-Moreno, María
2020 A dynamic network model to measure exposure diversification in the Austrian interbank marketHledik, Juraj; Rastelli, Riccardo
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 126