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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Enriching the ECSI model using brand strength in the retail settingSarantidou, Paraskevi
2017Determinants of corporate financial performance relating to board characteristics of corporate governance in Indian manufacturing industry: An empirical studyPalaniappan, G.
2017Marketing and social networks: A criterion for detecting opinion leadersLitterio, Arnaldo Mario; Nantes, Esteban Alberto; Larrosa, Juan Manuel; Gómez, Liliana Julia
2017Relationships between structural social capital, knowledge identification capability and external knowledge acquisitionOrtiz, Beatriz; Donate, Mario J.; Guadamillas, Fátima
2017Oil, gold, US dollar and stock market interdependencies: A global analytical insightArfaoui, Mongi; Bem Rejeb, Aymen
2017Corporate social irresponsibility: Review and conceptual boundariesRiera, Marta; Iborra, María
2017Reputation of multinational companies: Corporate social responsibility and internationalizationAguilera-Caracuel, Javier; Guerrero-Villegas, Jaime; García-Sánchez, Encarnación
2017Research and technology organizations' mobilizers of the regional environment: Competitive strategiesRincón Díaz, Carlos Augusto; Albors Garrigós, José
2017Agent-based simulation in management and organizational studies: A surveyGómez-Cruz, Nelson Alfonso; Loaiza Saa, Isabella; Ortega Hurtado, Francisco Fernando
2017Application of geographical information systems for the optimal location of a commercial networkRodríguez, Vicente; Olarte-Pascual, Cristina; Saco, Manuela