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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Hedging foreign exchange rate risk: Multi-currency diversificationÁlvarez-Díez, Susana; Alfaro-Cid, Eva; Fernández-Blanco, Matilde
2016Social enterprise: Gender gap and economic developmentNicolás, Catalina; Rubio, Alicia
2016Valuing brands under royalty relief methodology according to international accounting and valuation standardsRubio, Gracia; Manuel, Conrado M.; Pérez-Hernández, Francisco
2016The integration of CSR management systems and their influence on the performance of technology companiesBernal-Conesa, Juan Andrés; Briones-Peñalver, Antonio Juan; de Nieves-Nieto, Carmen
2016Frontiers in research in business: Will you be in? - EditorialBigné Alcañiz, J. Enrique
2016How does the online service level influence consumers' purchase intentions before a transaction? A formative approachKüster, Inés; Vila, Natalia; Canales, Pedro
2016Corporate governance ratings on listed companies: An institutional perspective in Latin AmericaBriano-Turrent, Guadalupe del Carmen; Rodríguez-Ariza, Lázaro
2016Determinants of the expenditure done by attendees at a sporting event: The case of World Padel TourJiménez-Naranjo, Héctor V.; Pérez, José Luís Coca; Gutiérrez-Fernández, Milagros; Fernández-Portillo, Antonio
2016Return on capital in Spanish tourism businesses: A comparative analysis of family vs non-family businessesCamisón Zornoza, César; Forés, Beatriz; Puig-Denia, Alba
2016Corporate social responsibility: Evolution through institutional and stakeholder perspectivesBarrena Martínez, Jesús; López Fernández, Macarena; Romero Fernández, Pedro Miguel