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Weresa, Marzenna Anna
Karbowski, Adam
Kowalski, Arkadiusz
Lachowicz, Marek
Lewandowska, Małgorzata
Mackiewicz, Marta
Napiórkowski, Tomasz
Rószkiewicz, Małgorzata
Weresa, Marzenna Anna
Year of Publication: 
The main objective of the book is to evaluate the effects of EU policy instruments that promote a stronger European dimension of the R&D base in the European Union. This objective can be split into a few specific objectives, which are defined as follows: • Evaluation of the impact of public R&D support on innovation in selected European countries; • Identifying whether EU research and innovation programs have industrydriven priorities and address societal challenges, how they impact innovation and to what extent SMEs are involved in these programs; • Evaluation of the advancement in the construction of priority European research infrastructures and their contribution to the innovation potential of the EU; • Investigating the state of implementation and assess the direct impact of global research infrastructures (GRIs) (which owing to cost can only be developed on a global scale) on the innovation potential of the EU; • Discussing how public sector innovation and social innovation are supported in the EU and identifying their impact on the EU economies; • Evaluation of the role of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in stimulating innovation in Europe by integrating education, research and innovation, and contributing to excellence of European science through the introduction of the “EIT Degree”. • Assessment of the contribution of the Joint Research Centre and European Forum on Forward Looking Activities to devising comprehensive and proactive European research and innovation policies.
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