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Matos-Díaz, Horacio
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[Journal:] EconomiA [ISSN:] 1517-7580 [Volume:] 19 [Year:] 2018 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 90-104
Although a direct relationship among partial withdrawals (Ws), GPA and grade inflation (GI) is suggested in prior research, this study demonstrates just the opposite. Evidence from a detailed panel-data comprising 34,426 sections offered in the UPR-Bayamón during 36 consecutive terms demonstrates that (1) traditional GI and the GI attributable to Ws run in opposite directions; (2) unobserved faculty heterogeneity, academic fields, as well as courses and academic environment characteristics exert strong and significant effects on both GPA and the GI attributable to Ws and (3) student evaluations of teaching are inversely and significantly related to Ws and to the GI attributable to them.
Partial withdrawals
Grade inflation
Student evaluations of teaching
Puerto Rico
Random- and fixed-effects models
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