Operations Research Perspectives, Elsevier

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2021Integrated planning of downstream petroleum supply chain: A multi-objective stochastic approachPudasaini, Pramesh
2021A review of supply chain integration extents, contingencies and performance: A post COVID-19 reviewHassan, Nadir Munir; Abbasi, Muhammad Nauman
2021A novel core-based optimization framework for binary integer programs- the multidemand multidimesional Knapsack problem as a test problemAl-Shihabi, Sameh
2021A systematic literature review about dimensioning safety stock under uncertainties and risks in the procurement processBarros, Júlio; Cortez, Paulo; Carvalho, Maria S.
2021Multi-objective evolutionary search strategies in constraint programmingBennetto, Robert; van Vuuren, Jan
2021A GP-AHP approach to design responsive supply chains for pareto customersKhorramshahgol, Reza; Al-Husain, Raed
2021Assessing and prioritizing risks in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects using the integration of fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making methodsJokar, Ebrahim; Aminnejad, Babak; Lork, Alireza
2021Automatic design of hybrid stochastic local search algorithms for permutation flowshop problems with additional constraintsPagnozzi, Federico; Stützle, Thomas G.
2021A novel best worst method robust data envelopment analysis: Incorporating decision makers' preferences in an uncertain environmentOmrani, Hashem; Valipour, Mahsa; Emrouznejad, Ali
2021Modeling multicriteria group decision making as games from enhanced pairwise comparisonsLeoneti, Alexandre Bevilacqua; Gomes, Luiz Flávio Autran Monteiro
2021Using variable neighbourhood descent and genetic algorithms for sequencing mixed-model assembly systems in the footwear industrySadeghi, Parisa; Diogo Rebelo, Rui; Soeiro Ferreira, José
2021Combinatorial abilities and heuristic behavior in online search environmentsDi Caprio, Debora; Santos Arteaga, Francisco Javier
2021Joint optimization of production and routing master planning in mobile supply chainsShahmoradi-Moghadam, Hani; Schönberger, Jörn
2021A study of robust portfolio optimization with European options using polyhedral uncertainty setsAshrafi, Hedieh; Thiele, Aurélie C.
2021ACVIZ: A tool for the visual analysis of the configuration of algorithms with iracede Souza, Marcelo; Ritt, Marcus; López-Ibáñez, Manuel; Pérez Cáceres, Leslie
2021An explicit Nash equilibrium for a market share attraction gameSchuur, Peter; Badur, Bertan; Sencer, Asli
2021A new case of rank reversal in analytic hierarchy process due to aggregation of cost and benefit criteriaMajumdar, Abhijit; Tiwari, Manoj Kumar; Agarwal, Aastha; Prajapat, Kanika
2021Estimation of processing time using machine learning and real factory data for optimization of parallel machine scheduling problemYamashiro, Hirochika; Nonaka, Hirofumi
2021An integrated manufacturer-buyer chain with bounded production cycle lengthHerbon, Avi
2020A three-echelon supply chain for economic growing quantity model with price- and freshness-dependent demand: Pricing, ordering and shipment decisionsSebatjane, Makoena; Adetunji, Olufemi
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 170