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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Utility Function for modeling Group Multicriteria Decision Making problems as gamesLeoneti, Alexandre Bevilacqua
2016Path dependence in Operational Research – How the modeling process can influence the resultsHämäläinen, Raimo P.; Lahtinen, Tuomas J.
2016Algorithms for the minimum spanning tree problem with resource allocationKataoka, Seiji; Yamada, Takeo
2016Project management under uncertainty beyond beta: The generalized bicubic distributionGarcía Peréz, José Ignacio; Martín, María del Mar López; García, Catalina García; Sánchez Granero, Miguel Ángel
2016Global supply chain: The consolidators' roleCaiazza, Rosa; Volpe, Tiziana; Stanton, John L.
2016Safety stock placement in supply chains with demand forecast updatesBoulaksil, Youssef
2016A mathematical modeling technique with network flows for social welfare maximization in deregulated electricity marketsHase, Ryo; Shinomiya, Norihiko
2016Statistical and analytical comparison of multi-criteria decision-making techniques under fuzzy environmentZamani-Sabzi, Hamed; King, James Phillip; Gard, Charlotte C.; Abudu, Shalamu
2016Application of a rule extraction algorithm family based on the Re-RX algorithm to financial credit risk assessment from a Pareto optimal perspectiveHayashi, Yoichi
2016The irace package: Iterated racing for automatic algorithm configurationLópez-Ibáñez, Manuel; Dubois-Lacoste, Jérémie; Pérez Cáceres, Leslie; Birattari, Mauro; Stützle, Thomas G.