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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Did the crisis change it all? Evidence from monetary and fiscal policyMitreska, Ana; Vojnovic, Maja Kadievska; Georgievska, Ljupka; Jovanovic, Branimir; Petkovska, Marija
2010Determinants of Lending Rates and Interest Rate Spreads in MacedoniaGeorgievska, Ljupka; Kabashi, Rilind; Manova-Trajkovska, Nora; Mitreska, Ana; Vaskov, Mihajlo
2014SEE countries: The main challenges on the road to recovery and the role of international financial institutionsBezhoska, Anita Angelovska; Mitreska, Ana; Bojceva-Terzijan, Sultanija
2014The fiscal consolidation process in CESEE countriesBezhoska, Anita Angelovska; Mitreska, Ana; Bojceva-Terzijan, Sultanija
2018The risk-taking channel of monetary policy in Macedonia: Evidence from credit registry dataMiteski, Mite; Mitreska, Ana; Vaskov, Mihajlo
2015Changing financial exposure of the CESEE region: Taking a stock on the external vulnerability profileBezhoska, Anita Angelovska; Mitreska, Ana; Bojceva-Terzijan, Sultanija
2017Corporate sector deleveraging in Macedonia in the aftermath of the crisis: Has it happened at all?Mitreska, Ana; Terzijan, Sultanija Bojceva; Debnikov, Petar
2018The impact of the ECB's quantitative easing policy on capital flows in the CESEE regionAngelovska-Bezhoska, Anita; Mitreska, Ana; Bojcheva-Terzijan, Sultanija
2016Hurdles to the growth agenda of the CESEE economies: Platform for discussionBezoska, Anita Angelovska; Mitreska, Ana
2011Investigating the Cyclical Behavior of Fiscal Policy in the Republic of Macedonia during the Period of TransitionAngelovska Bezovska, Anita; Bogoev, Jane; Mitreska, Ana; Kadievska Vojnovik, Maja