Economics Working Paper Series, CER-ETH – Center of Economic Research at ETH Zurich

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2020 Taming the Green Swan: How to improve climate-related financial risk assessmentsBingler, Julia Anna; Colesanti Senni, Chiara
2020 Research bubblesGersbach, Hans; Komarov, Evgenij
2020 Exiting the fossil world: The effects of fuel taxation in the UKBretschger, Lucas; Grieg, Elise
2020 Corona fatality development and the environment: Empirical evidence for OECD countriesBretschger, Lucas; Grieg, Elise; Welfens, Paul J. J.; Xiong, Tian
2020 Temptation in consumption and optimal redistributive taxationArvanitia, Maria; Sjögren, Tomas
2020 Sustainability traps: Patience and innovationDioikitopoulos, Evangelos V.; Karydas, Christos
2020 The political economy of negotiating international carbon marketsArvaniti, Maria; Habla, Wolfgang
2020 Emission-based interest rates and the transition to a low-carbon economyBöser, Florian; Colesanti Senni, Chiara
2020 Voluntary adoption of environmental standards and limited attention: Evidence from the food and beverage industry in VietnamFilippini, Massimo; Srinivasan, Suchita
2020 Can information about energy costs affect consumers choices? Evidence from a field experimentBoogen, Annina Angelina; Daminato, Claudio; Filippini, Massimo; Obrist, Adrian
2020 Nudging the adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles: Evidence from a stated choice experiment in NepalFilippini, Massimo; Kumar, Nilkanth; Srinivasan, Suchita
2019 Heterogeneous (mis-) perceptions of energy costs: Implications for measurement and policy designHoude, Sébastien; Myers, Erica
2019 A model-based clustering approach for analyzing energy-related financial literacy and its determinantsKumar, Nilkanth
2019 Pricing climate change risks: CAPM with rare disasters and stochastic probabilitiesKarydas, Christos; Xepapadeas, Anastasios
2019 Buffering volatility: Storage investments and technology-specific renewable energy supportAbrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian; Streitberger, Clemens
2019 Are consumers attentive to local energy costs? Evidence from the appliance marketHoude, Sébastien; Myers, Erica
2019 Negotiating with frictionsBritz, Volker
2019 On banking regulation and lobbyingGersbach, Hans; Papageorgiou, Stylianos
2019 How effective was the UK carbon tax? A machine learning approach to policy evaluationAbrell, Jan; Kosch, Miriam; Rausch, Sebastian
2019 The impact of policy awareness: Evidence from vehicle choices response to fiscal incentivesCerruti, Davide; Daminato, Claudio; Filippini, Massimo
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 322