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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018Food safety and security in Romania: An econometric analysis in the context of national agricultural paradigm transformationDrăgoi, Mihaela Cristina; Andrei, Jean Vasile; Mieilă, Mihai; Panait, Mirela; Dobrotă, Carmen Elena; Lădaru, Raluca Georgiana
2018Generation Y's perception of product origin and its labelling in the context of food quality and safetyVelčovská, Šárka
2018Econometric model for measuring the impact of the education level of the population on the recycling rate in a circular economyPelău, Corina; Chinie, Alexandra Cătălina
2018Predicting strategic areas of a financial intermediation services (SIF) company using BSC and PLSStancu, Ion; Stancu, Alexandru; Naghi, Laura Elly; Bâlteanu, Dragoş
2018Intellectual capital statement model for counties in PolandFazlagić, Jan; Szczepankiewicz, Elżbieta Izabela
2018From bioeconomics to bioeconopysis in the context of (bio)diversity and modern moralityTei, Yuichi; Săvoiu, Gheorghe
2018Types of intellectual capital employed in bioeconomic projects: A longitudinal case studySăndulescu, Maria-Silvia; Stoica, Dragoş Andrei; Albu, Cătălin-Nicolae; Albu, Nadia
2018Personal values and entrepreneurial attitude as intellectual capital: Impact on innovation in small enterprisesSánchez-Báez, Edgar A.; Fernández Serrano, José; Romero, Isidoro
2018Intellectual capital and financial performance of biotech companies in the pharmaceutical industryAnghel, Ion; Siminică, Marian; Cristea, Mirela; Sichigea, Mirela; Noja, Gratiela Georgiana
2018Consumer confidence from Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area, in the food labeling systemIancu, Ioana Ancuța; Nedelea, Alexandru-Mircea