Working Papers on Capital as Power, Forum on Capital As Power

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2019 CasP's 'Differential Accumulation' versus Veblen's 'Differential Advantage' (Revised and Expanded)Nitzan, Jonathan; Bichler, Shimshon
2019 Selling Hollywood to ChinaMcMahon, James
2019 How the rich are different: Hierarchical power as the basis of income and classFix, Blair
2018 Capitalist income and hierarchical power: A gradient hypothesisFix, Blair
2018 The trouble with human capital theoryFix, Blair
2018 The growth of US top income inequality: A hierarchical redistribution hypothesisFix, Blair
2018 The autocatalytic sprawl of pseudorational mastery (version 0.12)Martin, Ulf
2018 With Their Back to the Future: Will Past Earnings Trigger the Next Crisis?Nitzan, Jonathan; Bichler, Shimshon
2018 A Hierarchy Model of Income DistributionFix, Blair
2018 The aggregation problem: Implications for ecological economicsFix, Blair
2018 CasP's 'Differential Accumulation' versus Veblen's 'Differential Advantage'Bichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2018 Energy, hierarchy and the origin of inequalityFix, Blair
2017 Arms and Oil in the Middle East: A Biography of ResearchBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2017 Evidence for a Power Theory of Personal Income DistributionFix, Blair
2017 Growing through Sabotage: Energizing Hierarchical PowerBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2017 Differentiating Diamonds: Transforming Knowledge and the Accumulation of De BeersCochrane, David Troy
2016 A CasP Model of the Stock MarketBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2016 Energy and Institution SizeFix, Blair
2016 Theory and Praxis, Theory and Practice, Practical TheoryDebailleul, Corentin; Bichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2016 Uneven and Combined Confusion: On the Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism and the Rise of the WestDi Muzio, Tim; Dow, Matthew
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33
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