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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015CEM: Increasing productivity through the management and monitoring of experiences provided to customersArineli, Adriana; de Meirelles Quintella, Heitor Luiz Murat; Nisar, Tahir
2015Firm’s knowledge creation structure for new product developmentPark, Hong Y.; Chang, Hyejung; Park, Yong-Seung; Nisar, Tahir
2015Performance evaluation of reverse logistics: A case of LPG agencyYogi, Kottala Sri; Nisar, Tahir
2015On the relation between organizational culture and leadership: An empirical analysisKargas, Antoniοs D.; Varoutas, Dimitrios; Nisar, Tahir
2015Factors that influence the selection and utilization of children’s medical insuranceZhang, Shishu; Soukup, Gregory J.; Nisar, Tahir
2015Learning experiences for the transition to professional workWood, Leigh N.; Psaros, Jim; French, Erica; Lai, Jennifer W.M.; Nisar, Tahir
2015Fall and redemption: Monitoring and engaging in social media conversations during a crisisCanhoto, Ana Isabel; vom Lehn, Dirk; Kerrigan, Finola; Yalkin, Cagri; Braun, Marc; Steinmetz, Nicola; Nisar, Tahir
2015Beating the Odds! Build theory from emerging markets phenomenon and the emergence of case study research—A “Test-Tube” typologyReddy, Kotapati Srinivasa; Nisar, Tahir
2015Green Human Resource Management: Policies and practicesAhmad, Shoeb; Nisar, Tahir
2016The merger of historically disadvantaged tertiary institutions in South Africa: A case study of the University of LimpopoMohuba, Dinkwanyane Kgalema; Govender, Krishna; Nisar, Tahir