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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Gold-oil-exchange rate volatility, Bombay stock exchange and global financial contagion 2008: Application of NARDL model with dynamic multipliers for evidences beyond symmetryAsad, Muzaffar; Tabash, Mosab I.; Sheikh, Umaid A.; Al-Muhanadi, Mesfer Mubarak; Ahmad, Zahid
2020Market miracles: Resilience of Karachi stock exchange index against terrorism in PakistanTabash, Mosab I.; Sheikh, Umaid A.; Asad, Muzaffar
2020Global Financial Crisis in Effecting Asymmetrical Co-integration between Exchange Rate and Stock Indexes of South Asian Region: Application of Panel Data NARDL and ARDL Modelling Approach with Asymmetrical Granger CausilitySheikh, Umaid A.; Tabash, Mosab I.; Asad, Muzaffar
2020Asymmetrical relationship between oil prices, gold prices, exchange rate, and stock prices during global financial crisis 2008: Evidence from PakistanSheikh, Umaid A.; Asad, Muzaffar; Ahmed, Zahid; Mukhtar, Umer
2020Symmetrical cointegrating relationship between money supply, interest rates, consumer price index, terroristic disruptions, and Karachi stock exchange: Does global financial crisis matter?Sheikh, Umaid A.; Asad, Muzaffar; Israr, Aqeel; Tabash, Mosab I.; Ahmed, Zahid Shahab
2023Green entrepreneurial orientation for enhancing SMEs financial and environmental performance: Synergetic moderation of green technology dynamism and knowledge transfer and integrationAsad, Muzaffar; Majali, Tha’er; Aledeinat, Mazin; Almajali, Dmaithan Abdelkarim; Akhorshaideh, Abdel Hakim O.
2023Influence of perceptual and demographic factors on the likelihood of becoming social entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirates – an empirical analysisSatar, Mir Shahid; Alarifi, Ghadah; Alkhoraif, Abdullah Abdulaziz; Asad, Muzaffar