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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Economic assessment of development interventions in data poor countries: An application to Belize's sustainable tourism programBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin; Cotta, Jamie
2021An Amazon tipping point: The economic and environmental falloutBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martín; Macedo, Marcia; Malek, Žiga; Verburg, Peter; Goodwin, Sean; Vargas, Renato; Rattis, Ludmila; Brando, Paulo M.; Coe, Michael T.; Neill, Christopher; Damiani, Octavio
2017Financing the sustainable management of Rwanda's protected areasBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin; Ochuodho, Thomas; Masozera, Michel; Wolde, Bernabas; Lal, Pankaj; Dudek, Sebastian; Alavalapati, Janaki R.R.
2021Construcción de una Matriz de Contabilidad Social para Argentina para el año 2018Banerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martín
2019Construction of an extended environmental and economic social accounting matrix from a practitioner's perspectiveBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martín; Vargas, Renato; Horridge, Mark
2016A conceptual framework for integrated economic-environmental modellingBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin; Horridge, Mark; Vargas, Renato
2017Reconciliation once and for all: Economic impact evaluation and social cost benefit analysisBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin; Moreda, Adela
2017Boosting tourism's contribution to growth and development: Analysis of evidenceBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin; Morris, Emily J.
2015A Quantitative Framework for Assessing Public Investment in Tourism - An Application to HaitiBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin