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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Countering the discriminatory impact of minimum wages against disadvantaged workers: Literature review and experimental design developmentOrbeta, Aniceto C.; Paqueo, Vicente B.
2002Globalization and Employment: The Impact of Trade on Employment Level and Structure in the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto C.
2016The national system of technical vocational education and training in the Philippines: Review and reform ideasOrbeta, Aniceto C.; Esguerra, Emmanuel
2021Greening the Philippine employment projections model: New estimates and policy optionsAbrigo, Michael Ralph M.; Ortiz, Danica Aisa P.; Orbeta, Aniceto C.; Llanto, Gilberto M.
2016Are higher education institutions responsive to changes in the labor market?Orbeta, Aniceto C.; Gonzales, Kathrina G.; Cortes, Sol Francesca S.
2016Review and assessment of the students grants-in-aid program for poverty alleviation (SGP-PA) and expanded SGP-PASilfverberg, Denise Valerie; Orbeta, Aniceto C.
2005Poverty, Fertility Preferences and Family Planning Practice in the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto C.
2019Philippine graduate tracer study 4Tutor, Melba V.; Orbeta, Aniceto C.; Miraflor, James Matthew B.
2002Education, Labor Market, and Development: A Review of the Trends and Issues in the Philippines for the Past 25 YearsOrbeta, Aniceto C.
2017Assessment of implementation issues and livelihood success on the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) of the DSWDMagno-Ballesteros, Marife; Orbeta, Aniceto C.; Corpus, John Paul P.; Ancheta, Jenica A.