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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007Toward Measuring Household Vulnerability to Income Poverty in the PhilippinesAlbert, Jose Ramon G.; Elloso, Lilia V.; Ramos, Andre Philippe
2019Process evaluation of the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) schemeAlbert, Jose Ramon G.; Mendoza, Ronald U.; Cuenca, Janet S.; Opiniano, Gina A.; Decena-Monje, Jennifer; Pastor, Michael A.; Muñoz, Mika S.
2021Expanded data analysis and policy research for National ICT Household Survey 2019Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Quimba, Francis Mark A.; Tabuga, Aubrey D.; Mirandilla-Santos, Mary Grace; Rosellon, Maureen Ane D.; Vizmanos, Jana Flor V.; Cabaero, Carlos C.; Muñoz, Mika S.
2015Inequalities in Income, Labor, and Education: The Challenge of Inclusive GrowthAlbert, Jose Ramon G.; Dumagan, Jesus C.; Martinez, Arturo Jr.
2020Poverty, the middle class, and income distribution amid COVID-19Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.; Quimba, Francis Mark A.; Vizmanos, Jana Flor V.
2018Poverty is multidimensional: But do we really need a multidimensional poverty index?Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Vizmanos, Jana Flor V.
2009Estimation of the Food Poverty LineAlbert, Jose Ramon G.; Molano, Wilma
2019Philippine statistical system in the wake of the emerging data revolution and digitizationAlbert, Jose Ramon G.; Vizmanos, Jana Flor V.
2012Examination of Intense Climate-related Disasters in the Asia-PacificThomas, Vinod; Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Perez, Rosa T.
2018Profile and determinants of the middle-income class in the PhilippinesAlbert, Jose Ramon G.; Santos, Angelo Gabrielle F.; Vizmanos, Jana Flor V.