IWH Discussion Papers, Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)

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2021 Lender-specific mortgage supply shocks and macroeconomic performance in the United StatesBremus, Franziskus; Krause, Thomas; Noth, Felix
2021 Completing the European Banking Union: Capital cost consequences for credit providers and corporate borrowersKoetter, Michael; Krause, Thomas; Sfrappini, Eleonora; Tonzer, Lena
2021 Surges and instability: The maturity shortening channelLi, Xiang; Su, Dan
2021 Disentangling Covid-19, economic mobility, and containment policy shocksCamehl, Annika; Rieth, Malte
2021 To rent or not to rent: A household finance perspective on Berlin's short-term rental regulationMavropoulos, Antonios
2021 European firm concentration and aggregate productivityBighelli, Tommaso; Di Mauro, Filippo; Melitz, Marc J.; Mertens, Matthias
2021 Deposit competition and the securitisation boomMcGowan, Danny; Nguyen, Huyen
2021 Labour market power and between-firm wage (in)equalityMertens, Matthias
2021 Robot adoption at German plantsDeng, Liuchun; Plümpe, Verena; Stegmaier, Jens
2021 Financial technologies and the effectiveness of monetary policy transmissionHasan, Iftekhar; Kwak, Boreum; Li, Xiang
2020 Competition, cost structure, and labour leverage: Evidence from the U.S. airline industryWagner, Konstantin
2020 Cultural resilience and economic recovery: Evidence from Hurricane KatrinaHasan, Iftekhar; Manfredonia, Stefano; Noth, Felix
2020 Intangible capital and productivity: Firm-level evidence from German manufacturingKaus, Wolfhard; Slavtchev, Viktor; Zimmermann, Markus
2020 Financial linkages and sectoral business cycle synchronisation: Evidence from EuropeBöhm, Hannes; Schaumburg, Julia; Tonzer, Lena
2020 To securitise or to price credit default risk?McGowan, Danny; Nguyen, Huyen
2020 Macroprudential policy and intra-group dynamics: The effects of reserve requirements in BrazilBecker, Chris; Ossandon Busch, Matias; Tonzer, Lena
2020 How does economic policy uncertainty affect corporate debt maturity?Li, Xiang; Su, Dan
2020 Asymmetric investment responses to firm-specific forecast errorsBerner, Julian; Buchholz, Manuel; Tonzer, Lena
2020 Capital account liberalisation does worsen income inequalityLi, Xiang; Su, Dan
2020 The cleansing effect of banking crisesGropp, Reint; Ongena, Steven; Rocholl, Jörg; Saadi, Vahid
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 424
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