Search in EconStor



The standard common search options are also available in EconStor:

  • Search phrases:
    Put multiple words together in quotation marks.
    Example: "economic policy"
  • Find all possible endings with * (truncation):
    With the asterisk * at the end of your search term, you are able to find all possible endings.
    Example: competit*
    You will find terms such as “competition”, “competitor” or “competitiveness”.
  • Replace one character with a ?:
    Use the ? symbol to perform a single character wildcard search.
    Example: Me?er
    “Me?er” finds “Meier” and “Meyer”.
  • Search for synonyms with OR:
    Enter an OR (capital letters!) between terms to search for any of the terms:
    Example: germany OR deutschland
    Add brackets around the terms if you want to add a term that must appear:
    Example: (germany OR deutschland) growth
    Example: (germany OR deutschland) (growth OR wachstum)
  • Extended Search Terms:
    The extended search terms are based on the STW Thesaurus for Economics.

Filter the results list

On the left hand of the results list, you find various possibilities to narrow your results, i.e. a certain time period, subject, document type, person, etc.

You can choose between the following:

  • Appears in
  • Language
  • Author(s)
  • Subject
  • Document type

The EconStor search function is based on the search technology of the ZBW’s portal EconBiz.