Economics Working Papers, Department of Economics, CAU Kiel

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2016 Volatility effects of news shocks in New Keynesian models with optimal monetary policy: Updated versionOffick, Sven; Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2016 Bertrand-Edgeworth markets with increasing marginal costs and voluntary trading: Experimental evidenceJacobs, Martin; Requate, Till
2016 Number of firms, rationing, matching, and knowledge: A comprehensive study of variations in experimental Kreps-Scheinkman marketsJacobs, Martin
2016 Demand rationing in Bertrand-Edgeworth markets with fixed capacities: An experimentJacobs, Martin; Requate, Till
2016 Benefits of dense labour markets: Evidence from transitions to employment in GermanyHamann, Silke; Niebuhr, Annekatrin; Peters, Jan Cornelius
2016 Substitutability and the social cost of carbon in a solvable growth model with irreversible climate changeQuaas, Martin F.; Bröcker, Johannes
2016 Shadow banking, financial regulation and animal spirits: An ACE approachKrug, Sebastian; Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2016 Quantifying the effect of labor market size on learning externalitiesPeters, Jan Cornelius
2016 Do age complementarities affect labor productivity? Evidence from German firm level dataPeters, Jan Cornelius
2016 Limits to substitution between ecosystem services and manufactured goods and implications for social discountingDrupp, Moritz A.
2016 Income inequality and willingness to pay for public environmental goodsBaumgärtner, Stefan; Drupp, Moritz A.; Meya, Jasper N.; Munz, Jan M.; Quaas, Martin F.
2015 The interaction between monetary and macroprudential policy: Should central banks "lean against the wind" to foster macrofinancial stability?Krug, Sebastian
2015 Volatility effects of news shocks in (B)RE models with optimal monetary policyOffick, Sven; Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2015 Endogenous firm entry in an estimated model of the U.S. business cycleOffick, Sven; Winkler, Roland C.
2015 Monetary policy during financial crises: Is the transmission mechanism impaired?Jannsen, Nils; Potjagailo, Galina; Wolters, Maik H.
2015 The agent-based Solow growth model with endogenous business cyclesStolzenburg, Ulrich
2015 Structural change and total factor productivity: Evidence from GermanyHenze, Philipp
2015 International trade and the occupational mix in manufacturing: Evidence from german micro dataBoddin, Dominik; Henze, Philipp
2015 Retailing and international trade: A survey of the literatureRaff, Horst; Schmitt, Nicolas
2014 The impact of Basel III on financial (in)stability: An agent-based credit network approachKrug, Sebastian; Lengnick, Matthias; Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 205
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