New Zealand Trade Consortium Working Papers, NZIER

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 New Zealand's patterns of comparative advantageLattimore, Ralph; Kowalski, Przemyslaw; Hawke, Gary
2009 Building the pillars of a regional economic partnership. A report to inform New Zealand's contribution to Phase II of CEPEABallingall, John
2006 Farming subsidy reform dividendsLattimore, Ralph
2006 Perspectives on the internationalisation of the New Zealand labour market: A case study of roaming eggheadsWeinhold, Nicolas
2005 Manufacturing trade: The changing demand for apparel in New Zealand and import protectionKhaled, Mohammed; Lattimore, Ralph
2005 "Pacific ways" of talk: Hui and talanoaRobinson, David; Robinson, Kayt
2005 Economic trends and China's impact on world tradeNixon, Chris
2005 Should I stay or should I go now? Temporary migration: a survey and questions for New ZealandNixon, Chris; Nees, Chris
2005 Anti-dumping in New Zealand: A century of protection from "unfair" trade?Garcia, Martin; Baker, Astrid
2005 Trade, growth, and global connectivity in the New Zealand contextNees, Chris
2005 Māori in the trading world: Conventional & emerging opportunitiesNixon, Chris; Schrage, Rebecca
2005 International trade in services: A scoping study of services trade and estimates of benefits from services trade liberalisationBallingall, John; Stephenson, John
2005 New Zealand's love affair with houses and carsKhaled, Mohammed; Lattimore, Ralph
2004 Adjustment to agricultural policy reform: Issues and lessons from the New Zealand experienceRae, Allan; Nixon, Chris; Lattimore, Ralph
2004 Fragmenting food markets: Some New Zealand evidence from a two-stage budget modelKhaled, Mohammed; McWha, Vhari; Lattimore, Ralph
2004 Innovation and trade liberalisation: A case study of the New Zealand deer industryNixon, Chris
2004 Farming in New Zealand: The state of play and key issues for the backbone of the New Zealand economyBallingall, John; Lattimore, Ralph
2004 Economic growth: A note on demographic and economic issuesNixon, Chris
2003 Factor flows between Australia and New ZealandLloyd, P. J.
2003 Whither global agriculture? Research needsThompson, Robert L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 43