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DateTitle Authors
2014 Wealth shocks, credit-supply shocks, and asset allocation: Evidence from household and firm portfoliosKick, Thomas / Ruprecht, Benedikt / Onali, Enrico / Schaeck, Klaus
2014 Filling in the blanks: Network structure and interbank contagionAnand, Kartik / Craig, Ben / von Peter, Goetz
2014 Investor fears and risk premia for rare eventsSchwarz, Claudia
2014 The distribution of debt across euro area countries: The role of individual characteristics, institutions and credit conditionsBover, Olympia / Casado, Jose Maria / Costa, Sonia / Du Caju, Philip / McCarthy, Yvonne / Sierminska, Eva / Tzamourani, Panagiota / Villanueva, Ernesto / Zavadil, Tibor
2014 Earnings baths by bank CEOs during turnoversBornemann, Sven / Pfingsten, Andreas / Kick, Thomas / Schertler, Andrea
2014 Lucas paradox and allocation puzzle: Is the euro area different?Herrmann, Sabine / Kleinert, Jörn
2014 Cash management and payment choices: A simulation model with international comparisonsArango, Carlos / Bouhdaoui, Yassine / Bounie, David / Eschelbach, Martina / Hernández, Lola
2013 Market timing, maturity mismatch, and risk management: Evidence from the banking industryRuprecht, Benedikt / Entrop, Oliver / Kick, Thomas / Wilkens, Marco
2013 Cost leadership and bank internationalizationGalema, Rients / Koetter, Michael / Liesegang, Caroline
2013 The role of interbank relationships and liquidity needsCraig, Ben R. / Fecht, Falko / Tümer-Alkan, Günseli
2013 Banks' concentration versus diversification in the loan portfolio: New evidence from GermanyJahn, Nadya / Memmel, Christoph / Pfingsten, Andreas
2013 Bank leverage cycles and the external finance premiumRannenberg, Ansgar
2013 Does expenditure composition influence the debt level? Evidence from German federal statesStegarescu, Dan
2013 Current account adjustment in EU countries: Does euro-area membership make a difference?Herrmann, Sabine / Jochem, Axel
2013 Changing forces of gravity: How the crisis affected international bankingBuch, Claudia M. / Neugebauer, Katja / Schröder, Christoph
2013 Real financial market exchange rates and capital flowsGelman, Maria / Jochem, Axel / Reitz, Stefan
2013 Learning about fiscal policy and the effects of policy uncertaintyHollmayr, Josef / Matthes, Christian
2013 Disentangling economic recessions and depressionsCandelon, Bertrand / Metiu, Norbert / Straetmans, Stefan
2013 Interest rate risk and the Swiss solvency testEder, Armin / Keiler, Sebastian / Pichl, Hannes
2013 Cash holdings of German open-end equity funds: Does ownership matter?Dötz, Niko / Weth, Mark
2013 Collateral requirements and asset pricesBrumm, Johannes / Grill, Michael / Kubler, Felix / Schmedders, Karl
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