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DateTitle Authors
2009 Social divisions in school participation and attainment in India: 1983 - 2004Niaz Asadullah, M. / Kambhampati, Uma / López Bóo, Florencia
2009 A moving target: Universal access to healthcare services in Latin America and the CaribbeanSavedoff, William D.
2009 La enseñanza de economía en ArgentinaRozenwurcel, Guillermo / Bezchinsky, Gabriel / Rodríguez Chatruc, Marisol
2009 Crisis response in Latin America: Is the rainy day” at hand?Fernández-Arias, Eduardo / Montiel, Peter J.
2009 Education and democratic preferencesChong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2009 Reporte de resultados de las encuestas LAPOP 2008Higuera, Lucas
2009 Social mobility in Latin America: A review of existing evidenceAzevedo, Viviane / Bouillon, César P.
2009 Politics, policies and the dynamics of aggregate productivity in ColombiaEslava, Marcela / Meléndez, Marcela
2009 Television and divorce: Evidence from Brazilian NovelasChong, Alberto / La Ferrara, Eliana
2009 Ethnic and gender wage gaps in EcuadorGallardo, Lourdes / Ñopo, Hugo
2009 Measuring quality of life in Latin America: What happiness research can (and cannot) contributeGraham, Carol
2009 The gender wage gap in Peru 1986-2000: Evidence from a matching comparisons approachÑopo, Hugo
2009 Do welfare programs damage interpersonal trust? Experimental evidence from representative samples for four Latin American citiesChong, Alberto / Ñopo, Hugo / Rios, Vanessa
2009 La enseñanza de la economía en MéxicoLobo, Ivico Ahumada / Silva, Fernando Butler
2009 Output collapses and productivity destructionBlyde, Juan S. / Daude, Christian / Fernández-Arias, Eduardo
2009 Gender and racial wage gaps in Brazil 1996-2006: Evidence using a matching comparisons approachMarques Garcia, Luana / Ñopo, Hugo / Salardi, Paola
2009 Information, externalities and socioeconomics of Malaria in Honduras: A preliminary analysisAvilés, Maria Victoria / Cuesta, José
2009 Taxonomy of causes, impacts and policy responses to the food price crisis in the Andean regionCuesta, José / Jaramillo, Fidel
2009 Monetary and exchange rate policies for the perfect storm: The case of the Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad & TobagoMinella, André / Powell, Andrew / Rebucci, Alessandro / Souza-Sobrinho, Nelson F.
2009 Financiamento de riesgos catastróficos naturalesCárdenas, Víctor
2009 Part-time work, gender and job satisfaction: Evidence from a developing countryLópez Bóo, Florencia / Madrigal, Lucia / Pagés, Carmen
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