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2016 Paternal Unemployment During Childhood: Causal Effects on Youth Worklessness and Educational AttainmentMüller, Steffen; Riphahn, Regina T.; Schwientek, Caroline
2016 Asymmetric Investment Responses to Firm-specific UncertaintyBuchholz, Manuel; Tonzer, Lena; Berner, Julian
2016 Structural Reforms in Banking: The Role of TradingKrahnen, Jan-Pieter; Noth, Felix; Schüwer, Ulrich
2016 What is the value of the court system for firms?Colonnello, Stefano; Herpfer, Christoph
2016 The forward-looking disclosures of corporate managers: Theory and evidenceGropp, Reint; Karapandza, Rasa; Opferkuch, Julian
2016 My credit but your problem: The real effects of credit risk tradingColonnello, Stefano; Efing, Matthias; Zucchi, Francesca
2016 Direct and indirect risk-taking incentives of inside debtColonnello, Stefano; Curatola, Giuliano; Ngoc Giang Hoang
2016 Central Bank Transparency and Cross-border BankingEichler, Stefan; Littke, Helge; Tonzer, Lena
2016 Time-varying Volatility, Financial Intermediation and Monetary PolicyEickmeier, Sandra; Metiu, Norbert; Prieto, Esteban
2016 Much ado about nothing: Sovereign ratings and government bond yields in the OECDEl-Shagi, Makram
2016 Macroeconomic trade effects of vehicle currencies: Evidence from 19th century ChinaEl-Shagi, Makram; Zhang, Lin
2016 Social distress and economic integrationHyll, Walter; Schneider, Lutz
2016 College Choice and the Selection of Mechanisms: A Structural Empirical AnalysisCarvalho, José-Raimundo; Magnac, Thierry; Xiong, Qizhou
2016 To Separate or not to Separate Investment from Commercial Banking? An Empirical Analysis of Attention Distortion under Multiple TasksGropp, Reint E.; Park, Kyounghoon
2016 The Political Determinants of Government Bond HoldingsEichler, Stefan; Plaga, Timo
2016 A Market-based Indicator of Currency Risk: Evidence from American Depositary ReceiptsEichler, Stefan; Roevekamp, Ingmar
2016 Executive Compensation, Macroeconomic Conditions, and Cash Flow CyclicalityColonnello, Stefano
2016 Social Comparisons and Attitudes towards Foreigners. Evidence from the ‘Fall of the Iron Curtain’Hyll, Walter; Schneider, Lutz
2016 Multidimensional Well-being and Regional Disparities in EuropeDöpke, Jörg; Knabe, Andreas; Lang, Cornelia; Maschke, Philip
2016 Size of Training Firms and Cumulated Long-run Unemployment Exposure – The Role of Firms, Luck, and Ability in Young Workers’ CareersMüller, Steffen; Neubäumer, Renate
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 321
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