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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 The Poetics of Participation: The Organizing of Participation in Contemporary ArtHolm, Ditte Vilstrup
2019 Proactively Building Capabilities for the Post-Acquisition Integration of Information SystemsWynne, Peter J.
2019 Generative Mechanisms for Digital Platform Ecosystem EvolutionStaykova, Kalina S.
2019 Mobile betalinger: Succesfaktorer og adfærdsmæssige konsekvenserOlsen, Mia
2019 Votes for Sale: Essays on Clientelism in New DemocraciesBøttkjær, Louise Thorn
2019 Essays in Empirical Studies Based on Administrative Labour Market DataDu, Shihan
2019 Essays in Labor Markets: Gender, Fertility and EducationRosenbaum, Philip
2019 Essays on the Demand-Side Management in Electricity MarketsLinkeviciute, Ieva
2019 Policy Learning in Innovation Policy: A Comparative Analysis of European Union Member StatesLaatsit, Mart
2019 Entrepreneurial Careers: Determinants, Trajectories, and OutcomesGutiérrez, Adrián Luis Mérida
2019 Becoming Adaptive through Social Media: Transforming Governance and Organizational Form in Collaborative E-governmentWang, Cancan
2019 Obligation, Face and Facework: An Empirical Study of the Communicative Act of Cancellation of an Obligation by Chinese, Danish and British Business Professionals in Both L1 and ELF ContextsZhang, Xia
2019 The Comparative Dynamics of Private Governance: The case of the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment IndustryLeitheiser, Erin
2019 Entrepreneurial Judgment and CommercializationSløk-Madsen, Stefan Kirkegaard
2019 Economic and Cultural Development: Empirical Studies of Micro-level DataSperling, Lena Lindbjerg
2019 Essays on Crude Oil Tanker MarketsRegli, Frederik
2018 Corporate Urbanization: Between the Future and Survival in LebanonSharp, Deen Shariff
2018 Networks and Faces between Copenhagen and Canton, 1730-1840Asmussen, Benjamin
2018 Valuation Reversed – When Valuators are Valuated: An Analysis of the Perception of and Reaction to Reviewers in Fine-DiningMüller, Fabian Heinrich
2018 Managing Communities – Mining MNEs’ Community Risk Management PracticesTaarup-Esbensen, Jacob