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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Norwegian shipping in the 20th century: Norway's successful navigation of the world's most global industryTenold, Stig
2019 Emerging states at crossroadsTsunekawa, Keiichi; Todo, Yasuyuki
2019 Understanding risks and uncertainties in energy and climate policy: Multidisciplinary methods and tools for a low carbon societyDoukas, Haris; Flamos, Alexandros; Lieu, Jenny
2019 Disrupting finance: FinTech and strategy in the 21st centuryLynn, Theo; Mooney, John G.; Rosati, Pierangelo; Cummins, Mark
2019 Leading in a VUCA world: Integrating leadership, discernment and spiritualityKok, Jacobus; Van den Heuvel, Steven C.
2019 Re-inventing Africa's development: Linking Africa to the Korean development modelPark, Jong-Dae
2019 Gestaltung sozialer Versorgung: Ein Planungs- und SteuerungsmodellStremlow, Jürgen; Riedweg, Werner; Bürgisser, Herbert
2019 Climate Adaptation Finance and Investment in CaliforniaKeenan, Jesse M.
2019 Reality Lost: Markets of Attention, Misinformation and ManipulationHendricks, Vincent F.; Vestergaard, Mads
2019 Cost and revenue overruns of the Olympic Games 2000-2018Preuss, Holger; Andreff, Wladimir; Weitzmann, Maike
2019 Building a cashless society: The Swedish route to the future of cash paymentsArvidsson, Niklas
2019 Paths to the emerging state in Asia and AfricaOtsuka, Keijiro; Sugihara, Kaoru
2019 Developmental state building: The politics of emerging economyTakagi, Yusuke; Kanchoochat, Veerayooth; Sonobe, Tetsushi
2019 Digitalisierung als Herausforderung für Personalentwicklung und Mitbestimmung: Unternehmensstrategien der IT-Branche und ihre Bedeutung für WeiterbildungLangemeyer, Ines
2018 Energy poverty: (Dis)assembling Europe's infrastructural divideBouzarovski, Stefan
2018 The social life of economic inequalities in contemporary Latin America: Decades of changeYstanes, Margit; Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter
2018 A fair share of tax: A fiscal anthropology of contemporary SwedenBjörklund Larsen, Lotta
2018 Bitcoin and beyond: Cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and global governanceCampbell-Verduyn, Malcolm
2018 Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation: Trade-offs and governanceSchreckenberg, Kate; Mace, Georgina; Poudyal, Mahesh
2018 The rise and development of FinTech: Accounts of disruption from Sweden and beyondTeigland, Robin; Siri, Shahryar; Larsson, Anthony; Puertas, Alejandro Moreno; Bogusz, Claire Ingram