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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Reality Lost: Markets of Attention, Misinformation and ManipulationHendricks, Vincent F.; Vestergaard, Mads
2018 Energy poverty: (Dis)assembling Europe's infrastructural divideBouzarovski, Stefan
2018 The social life of economic inequalities in contemporary Latin America: Decades of changeYstanes, Margit; Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter
2018 A fair share of tax: A fiscal anthropology of contemporary SwedenBjörklund Larsen, Lotta
2018 Governing Extractive Industries: Politics, Histories, IdeasBebbington, Anthony; Abdulai, Abdul-Gafaru; Bebbington, Denise Humphreys; Hinfelaar, Marja; Sanborn, Cynthia Ann
2018 Bitcoin and beyond: Cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and global governanceCampbell-Verduyn, Malcolm
2018 Competition and Cooperation in Economics and BusinessGani, Lindawati; Gitaharie, Beta Y.; Husodo, Zaäfri A.; Kuncoro, Ari
2018 Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation: Trade-offs and governanceSchreckenberg, Kate; Mace, Georgina; Poudyal, Mahesh
2018 The rise and development of FinTech: Accounts of disruption from Sweden and beyondTeigland, Robin; Siri, Shahryar; Larsson, Anthony; Puertas, Alejandro Moreno; Bogusz, Claire Ingram
2018 Housing market dynamics in AfricaBah, El-hadj; Faye, Issa; Geh, Zekebweliwai F.
2018 Disability, health and human developmentMitra, Sophie
2018 Asian century... on a knife-edge: A 360 degree analysis of Asia's recent economic developmentWest, John
2018 Building a resilient and sustainable agriculture in Sub-Saharan AfricaShimeles, Abebe; Verdier-Chouchane, Audrey; Boly, Amadou
2018 Entrepreneurial cognition: Exploring the mindset of entrepreneursShepherd, Dean A.; Patzelt, Holger
2018 Russia's turn to the east: Domestic policymaking and regional cooperationBlakkisrud, Helge; Wilson Rowe, Elana
2018 Der Einfluss von Website-Qualität auf das Markenimage: Eine Analyse am Beispiel des öffentlich-rechtlichen RundfunksHartmann, Karen; Pezoldt, Kerstin
2018 Unit roots and structural breaksPerron, Pierre
2018 Actuarial and financial risks in life insurance, pensions and household financeRegis, Luca
2018 Sports financeSoebbing, Brian P.
2018 Optimizing the German workforce: Labor administration from Bismarck to the economic miracleMeskill, David