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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Standard-setting and knowledge dynamics in innovation clustersChrist, Julian P.; Slowak, André P.
2009 Preliminary Results of the Survey on Persons with Disabilities Conducted in Selected Metro Manila CitiesYap, Josef T.; Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Tabuga, Aubrey D.; Reyes, Celia M.
2009 ASEAN Rules of Origin: Lessons and Recommendations for Best PracticeMedalla, Erlinda M.; Balboa, Jenny D.
2009 Profitable Use of SCF in a Policy Context: the Case of Rice Stockholding in the PhilippinesMina, Christian D.; Reyes, Celia M.
2009 Profiling Poverty with Multivariate Adaptive Regression SplinesBarrios, Erniel B.; Mina, Christian D.
2009 A Documentation of the Philippines' Family Income and Expenditure SurveyEricta, Carmelita N.; Fabian, Emma
2009 Philippine International Labor Migration in the Past 30 Years: Trends and ProspectsOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.
2009 Comparing GDP in Constant and in Chained Prices: Some New ResultsDumagan, Jesus C.
2009 Incorporating Regional Rice Production Models in Rice Importation Simulation Model: a Stochastic Programming Approachde Guzman, Rosalina G.; Mina, Christian D.; Crean, Jason; Parton, Kevin; Reyes, Celia M.
2009 Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities: the Case of the PhilippinesPhilippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)
2009 Motives and Giving Norms behind Remittances: the Case of Filipino Overseas Workers and their Recipient HouseholdsAlba, Michael M.; Sugui, Jessaine Soraya C.
2009 Financial inclusion, vulnerability, and mental models: From physical access to effective use of financial services in a low income area of Mexico CityNiño-Zarazua, Max; Copestake, James G.
2009 Product Heterogeneity, Within-Industry Trade Patterns, and the Home Bias of Consumption?Auer, Raphael
2009 Financial access and exclusion in Kenya and UgandaJohnson, Susan; Niño-Zarazua, Max
2009 Offshoring Along the Production ChainHarms, Philipp; Lorz, Oliver; Urban, Dieter
2009 Networked Innovation: The British Model of Industry-University CollaborationKarbowski, Adam
2009 Financial leverage and corporate taxation: Evidence from German corporate tax return dataDwenger, Nadja; Steiner, Viktor
2009 Competition policy and productivity growth: An empirical assessmentBuccirossi, Paolo; Ciari, Lorenzo; Duso, Tomaso; Spagnolo, Giancarlo; Vitale, Cristiana
2009 Get to the bridge and I will help you to cross': Merit, personal connections, and money as routes to success in Nigerian higher educationWillott, Chris
2009 Legible pluralism: The politics of ethnic and religious identification in MalaysiaBrown, Graham K.