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2014Taxation and incentives to innovate: A principal-agent approachd'Andria, Diego
2015Motivating innovation in a knowledge economy with tax incentivesd'Andria, Diego; Savin, Ivan
2016Modelling corporate tax reforms in the EU: New simulations with the CORTAX modelAlvarez-Martinez, Maria Teresa; Barrios, Salvador; d'Andria, Diego; Gesualdo, Maria; Pontikakis, Dimitrios; Pycroft, Jonathan
2016The relationship between R&D intensity and profit-sharing schemes: evidence from Germany and the United Kingdomd'Andria, Diego; Uebelmesser, Silke
2016Employed inventors, inter-firm mobility, bonus pay with multi-stage R&D processes, and optimal innovation policyd'Andria, Diego
2016A New Calibration for CORTAX: A computable general equilibrium model for simulating corporate tax reformsAlvarez Martinez, Maria Teresa; Barrios, Salvador; Bettendorf, Leon; d'Andria, Diego; Gesualdo, Maria; Loretz, Simon; Pontikakis, Dimitrios; Pycroft, Jonathan
2017Towards a European R&D Incentive? An assessment of R&D Provisions under a Common Corporate Tax Based'Andria, Diego; Pontikakis, Dimitrios; Skonieczna, Agnieszka
2017Tax policy and entrepreneurial entry with information asymmetry and learningd'Andria, Diego
2018Effects of an ad valorem Web Tax in a Cournot-Nash market for digital advertisingd'Andria, Diego
2018Profit shifting and industrial heterogeneityBarrios, Salvador; d'Andria, Diego
2018Superstars and mediocrities: a solution based on personal income taxationd'Andria, Diego
2018How Large is the Corporate Tax Base Erosion and Profit Shifting? A General Equlibrium ApproachAlvarez-Martínez, María T.; Barrios, Salvador; d'Andria, Diego; Gesualdo, Maria; Nicodème, Gaëtan; Pycroft, Jonathan
2019Micro-founded tax policy effects in a heterogeneous-agent macro-modeld'Andria, Diego; DeBacker, Jason; Evans, Richard; Pycroft, Jonathan; Zachlod-Jelec, Magdalena
2019Reducing tax compliance costs through corporate tax base harmonisation in the European UnionBarrios, Salvador; d'Andria, Diego; Gesualdo, Maria