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2015Farm size and participation in agri-environmental measures: Farm-level evidence from SloveniaUnay-Gailhard, İlkay; Bojnec, Štefan
2015Adaptation of a microsimulation model at the municipality level: demographic and employment evolution in the Altmark region of GermanyUnay-Gailhard, İlkay; Baqueiro-Espinosa, Omar
2016Who buys from farmers’ markets and farm shops: The case of GermanyBavorova, Miroslava; Unay-Gailhard, İlkay; Lehberger, Mira
2016Job access after leaving education: A comparative analysis of young women and men in rural GermanyUnay-Gailhard, İlkay
2016Sustainable participation behaviour in agri-environmental measuresUnay-Gailhard, İlkay; Bojnec, Štefan
2021Gender and the environmental concerns of young farmers: Do young women farmers make a difference on family farms?Unay-Gailhard, İlkay; Bojnec, Štefan
2022How digital communications contribute to shaping the career paths of youth: A review study focused on farming as a career optionUnay-Gailhard, İlkay; Brennen, Mark A.
2023An examination of digital empathy: When farmers speak for the climate through TikTokUnay-Gailhard, İlkay; Lawson, Kati; Brennan, Mark A.
2024Building bridges: Community-based projects for participation and social inclusion of rural NEETsFerreira, Tatiana; Ellena, Adriano Mauro; Jonsson, Frida; Barbosa, Belém; Uyan-Semerci, Pınar; Tuna, Emelj; Kvieskienė, Giedrė; Marta, Elena; Unay-Gailhard, İlkay; Fernandes-Jesus, Maria