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2002 The Eurosystem's Standing Facilities in a General Equilibrium Model of the European Interbank MarketTapking, Jens
2003 Multiple equilibrium overnight rates in a dynamic interbank market gameTapking, Jens
2004 Horizontal and vertical integration and securities trading and settlementTapking, Jens; Yang, Jing
2004 Raising rival's costs in the securities settlement industryHolthausen, Cornelia; Tapking, Jens
2007 Pricing of settlement link services and mergers of central securities depositoriesTapking, Jens
2008 Repo markets, counterparty risk and the 2007/2008 liquidity crisisEwerhart, Christian; Tapking, Jens
2009 Liquidity risk premia in unsecured interbank money marketsEisenschmidt, Jens; Tapking, Jens
2011 The impact of the Eurosystem's covered bond purchase programme on the primary and secondary marketsBeirne, John; Dalitz, Lars; Ejsing, Jacob; Grothe, Magdalena; Manganelli, Simone; Monar, Fernando; Sahel, Benjamin; Sušec, Matjaž; Tapking, Jens; Vong, Tana
2019 Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructuresManaa, Mehdi; Chimienti, Maria Teresa; Adachi, Mitsutoshi M.; Athanassiou, Phoebus L.; Balteanu, Irina; Calza, Alessandro; Devaney, Conall; Diaz Fernandez, Ester; Eser, Fabian; Ganoulis, Ioannis; Laot, Maxime; Philipp, Günther; Poignet, Raphael; Sauer, Stephan; Schneeberger, Doris; Stracca, Livio; Tapking, Jens; Toolin, Colm; Tyler, Carolyn; Wacket, Helmut; ECB Crypto-Assets Task Force
2020 Stablecoins: Implications for monetary policy, financial stability, market infrastructure and payments, and banking supervision in the euro areavan Echelpoel, Fiona; Chimienti, Maria Teresa; Adachi, Mitsutoshi; Athanassiou, Phoebus; Balteanu, Irina; Barkias, Thomas; Ganoulis, Ioannis; Kedan, Danielle; Neuhaus, Holger; Pawlikowski, Adam; Philipp, Günther; Poignet, Raphael; Sauer, Stephan; Schneeberger, Doris; Tapking, Jens; Toolin, Colm; ECB Internal Crypto-Assets Task Force (ICA-TF)
2021 Assessing the efficacy, efficiency and potential side effects of the ECB's monetary policy instruments since 2014Altavilla, Carlo; Lemke, Wolfgang; Linzert, Tobias; Tapking, Jens; Julian von Landesberger